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Arc Flash Protection & Electrical Safety Training

Arc Flash Protection & Electrical Safety Training
The Training is Based on the NEW 2012 NFPA 70E® Standard
for Electrical Safety in the Workplace®

Training Outcomes

1. How to identify electrical hazards
2. OSHA Electrical Safety Regulations and Requirements
3. Proper Lockout/Tagout procedures
4. Safe approach boundaries and distances
5. How to establish an electrically safe work condition

3rd Day
6. Proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for electrical safety
7. Electrical safety related work practices
8. What an "Arc Flash" is and how to avoid it
9. The difference between "qualified" and "unqualified" electrical workers®
11. How to properly work on or near energized electrical parts
12. Safe test instruments and equipment
.....And Much Much More!
Designed For Maintenance Personnel and Electricians Working on
50 Volts or More

"A new world has opened up, and I have learned how to do it safely."
Jeffrey Zamacona - Maintenance Technician - Sausalito- Marin City Sanitary District

In-House Training Benefits:
Save on travel time and out-of-facility expenses
Tailored presentation designed to meet the specific needs of your organization
Entire teams or departments can be trained together
Training schedule can be adapted to your facilities needs
Your employees are available if a facility emergency would occur
Contact us today at 1-877-978-7246 (1-877-97-TRAIN) to learn how our expert staff can help you save time and resources while training your team in the comfort of your own facility.

Training Topics:

Most courses are designed in a two-day format, although we can tailor courses to your specific needs. Plant walk-throughs are common additions to our programs for those who require equipment specific discussions.

Basic Electricity
Hands-on Electrical Troubleshooting
Arc Flash Electrical Safety & 70E
2011 National Electrical Code®
Variable Frequency Drives
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
Understanding Electrical Drawings
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Boiler Operation, Maintenance, and Safety
HVAC Controls & Air Distribution
Pumps & Pump Systems
Generators & Emergency Power
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
To discuss your training needs in today's competitive environment and get a same day quote, contact Christina or Dan at 1-877-978-7246 (1-877-97-TRAIN) or send us an email at Inhouse@AmericanTrainco.com

"...learned more from this class than from 4 years of experience!"
Peter F. Scott - Maintenance Tech. - B/E Aerospace

OPEN ENROLLMENT TRAINING - More than 1,500 Dates to Choose From
If open enrollment seminars are a better option for you and your organization to meet your training needs, then American Trainco can help!

Live, Instructor Led Training
Public Seminars
Over 25+ Maintenance Related Seminar Titles
Regular Seminar Schedules in Over 120 North American Locations
Specialized "Hands-On" Courses
Over 100,000 Trained Since 2002
To get a complete listing of seminars in your area, visit our website at www.AmericanTrainco.com or call us at 1-877-978-7246 (1-877-97-TRAIN).

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American Trainco
Real World Training...For Real World Needs
Phone: 1-877-97-TRAIN
Email: Inhouse@AmericanTrainco.com
Website: www.AmericanTrainco.com


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