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App Targets Life Safety Systems

NOTIFIER by Honeywell has announced availability of the System Manager app, a cloud-based, mobile monitoring tool that allows staff at commercial buildings to simplify how they interact with and manage NOTIFIER life safety systems.

Paired with a web-based portal or a variety of NOTIFIER gateways, the app allows for quick diagnosis and response to system events on the go. System Manager provides event data, along with detailed device information and history through an easy-to-use mobile interface. By receiving push notifications of system events, users can securely monitor and respond to events and alarms faster, at multiple sites, from any location. Staff can configure monitoring profiles, set up monitoring status for each site or building, and quickly filter notifications by event type directly from the app.

System Manager allows users to efficiently troubleshoot and diagnose issues through access to detailed information and history on their mobile devices. The app displays event details, device information and event history, and allows users to easily request service from their provider. Event information can be securely forwarded via text or email.

“As the world becomes increasingly reliant on mobile devices and app based technologies, we wanted to provide a modern-day solution for monitoring life safety systems,” says Michele Ottavio, senior product marketing manager at Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. “With System Manager, users are now able to view events and detailed system information directly from their mobile device to respond faster and increase system productivity.”

System Manager is available on any Android or iOS device, and is compatible with ONYX Series Panels. The app is powered by eVance® Services, and provides additional capabilities when combined with eVance Inspection Manager and/or Service Manager. Through Inspection Manager, test information displays for off-normal devices, allowing users to receive extensive data for comprehensive troubleshooting and diagnosis. The Service Manager feature enables end-users to request service from their provider available through the Service Ticket Link.

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