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Amerlux Launches New Website

Amerlux, a design-and-manufacture lighting company, announced hat it has launched an innovative website that will make project design light-years faster for architects and lighting designers.

Amerlux has turned its new website into an invaluable tool that will save time, money and angst.

Amerlux’s new online “tool” addresses their stakeholders’ most agonizing pain points:

  • How do I find the right product? Amerlux’s new Product Finder essentially eliminates the need for a search box. Visitors can simply click on various click-down menus, which display a range of variations. Once you click on each category, ranging from features to color to applications, hit search. Viola! The specific products appear on your screen.
  • How can I quickly organize all the specifications for my products? Amerlux’s new Light Notebook helps visitors create a project online where they can save spec sheets so they can easily review all of them together in one place.
  • Where can I see Amerlux’s solutions at work? Amerlux’s new Design Gallery captures its solutions in dramatic fashion. Visitors also can find case studies to learn about problems solved under the Products page.
  • How can I learn about the new aspects of lighting? Amerlux’s Resources page delivers educational guides and blogs, company news and a show schedule for upcoming events.
  • How can I earn continuing education credits? Amerlux’s Education page allows visitors to click on its eLumenNation Webinar series, so you can earn AIA/CE credits and learn about upcoming, live presentations.

For more information about the company’s lighting solutions, call Amerlux at 973.850.4342.

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