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AkzoNobel Develops Solution for Aluminum Applications That Meets AAMA 2604 Specifications


(Columbus, Ohio) – AkzoNobel – the largest global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals – has announced the availability of a new silicone-modified polyester coating solution for aluminum.


Designed for spray application to aluminum, CERAM-A-STAR E is a new solution with proven durability and ease of application that meets American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2604 specifications. Designed for the high-end residential, storefront and monumental interiors market, this product offers a lower-cost alternative to 50 percent PVDF and super durable polyester powders. Further, as compared to anodized solutions, it offers better quality, more consistent color control and options, chemical resistance and field repairability.


Building on the exceptional performance of the CERAM-A-STAR family of silicone-modified polyester (SMP) coil coatings, this new product has been adapted to serve the unique needs of the aluminum extrusion industry.


According to Ben Mitchell, Extrusion Coatings Sales & Marketing Manager for AkzoNobel, CERAM-A-STAR E was developed from a proven coil coating product with millions of square feet already installed in the field. The modifications for spray application preserve these well-established performance characteristics.


“With 15 years of South Florida real-world weathering exposure data, a feature that most new coating solutions lack, you can rest assured that CERAM-A-STAR E will stand up over time. Because it is based on an established product with an enormous amount of completed projects, its long-term performance and superior chemistry have been proven through years of research, testing and commercial application,” said Mitchell.


Mitchell added that CERAM-A-STAR E was developed in response to the market need for a universal aluminum coating system.


“A coating was needed that can coat aluminum, while allowing for uniformity in weathering and durability,” said Mitchell. “As one of the world’s leading industrial companies with a diverse product portfolio serving many different segments of the building industry, we offer a complete line of liquid spray coatings and coil coatings to meet the ever changing needs of the architectural aluminum market. Therefore, when we recognized this market need, we capitalized on our expertise to create the right solution.”


CERAM-A-STAR E’s proprietary resin formulation is the pillar for this revolutionary SMP system. Combined with premium ceramic and inorganic pigments, it offers superior color stability, chalk resistance, fade resistance and gloss retention for the most durable AAMA 2604 finish available.


Although this product is just being launched at-large for the fenestration market, the product was recently tested in the Middle East with extremely favorable results. Multiple colors and finish options were evaluated, and all met the level of durability that is called for in AAMA 2604. In addition to its proven durability, CERAM-A-STAR E has a number of other benefits that customers will find very appealing.


“The maximum achievable volume solids of a 50 percent PVDF coating are usually 26-28 percent,” according to Pakeer Ithrees, a Senior Chemist with AkzoNobel in Saudi Arabia. “However, you can achieve 48-54 percent volume solids with CERAM-A-STAR E. This results in almost twice the coverage per gallon compared to 50 percent PVDF coatings.”


Mitchell sees a unique opportunity for users of CERAM-A-STAR E.


“While the long-term superiority of AAMA 2605 coatings is not being questioned, these types of improvements will allow users of CERAM-A-STAR E to enjoy significant coverage advantages, coupled with superior performance for an AAMA 2604 coating.”  He continued to state that “in the past, coaters have only been able to choose between a lower percentage PVDF coating or a super-durable powder to meet AAMA 2604. With the introduction of CERAM-A-STAR E, they now have a superior choice with proven performance and excellent economics.”


Neil Chrisman, President of Spectrum Metal Finishing, noted that they partnered with AkzoNobel in the development and production line testing of the CERAM-A-STAR E system.


“We found it to be easy to apply with standard aluminum painting equipment, along with the bonus of having a flexible cure window,” said Chrisman. “It was also easy to build film without runs and sags due to its higher solids.  Although this isn’t the same level of durability as a PVDF product, we feel it is an excellent upgrade from AAMA 2603 products. It has much better hardness and mar resistance for a competitive price as compared to lower tier products.”


CERAM-A-STAR E is also a great fit for the just-in-time production environment of today, which is another benefit of this new product. The ability to perform quick color changes during production is a big help in maintaining an optimal production schedule. It also allows coaters to blend colors in-house, including mica metallics, which isn’t possible with other technologies.

More information about CERAM-A-STAR E will be available at the AIA Expo in Denver (June 20-22) from AkzoNobel’s Coil and Extrusion Coatings division. They will be exhibiting in booth #1330.


More information about CERAM-A-STAR E can be found at http://www.akzonobel.com/CCNA. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Ben Mitchell, Extrusion Coatings Sales & Marketing Manager for AkzoNobel, at (614) 294-3361.


AkzoNobel is also a leader in other coatings segments, with a global coatings portfolio consisting of powder coatings, protective coatings for large projects such as stadiums, bridges and energy uses, decorative coatings and aerospace uses. Their liquid spray and coil coatings are found on many different types of building components, from louvers and curtain walls to composite panels and entry door systems. Further, AkzoNobel coatings can help contribute to points in LEED and help make your projects more sustainable.


TRINAR® is their premiere coating system, and is ideal for the monumental project as well as low rise projects that require lasting performance. TRINAR is an extremely versatile system; available in both solid and mica colors, and as a liquid spray or coil coating with matching technology for consistent performance. Their quality systems guarantee unparalleled batch to batch consistency, in addition to reliable, hassle-free application. To ensure the highest level of performance, all finishes have been thoroughly tested in a comprehensive South Florida exposure program. Visit www.akzonobel.com/ccna for more information.



About AkzoNobel

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