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Aconex Launches Dynamic Manuals for Mobile Handover

Melbourne, Australia — Aconex, provider of a leading cloud collaboration platform for the global construction industry, recently launched Dynamic Manuals, a mobile solution for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of built assets.

Using Windows tablets, owners and their facility management teams can dynamically manage digital O&M manuals in the secure cloud.

As the newest member of the Aconex Handover suite, Dynamic Manuals is a logical extension of Smart Manuals, an online solution for contractors to efficiently build high-quality, digital O&M manuals during the project for timely delivery to the owner at practical completion.

Based on Windows 8.1, Dynamic Manuals expands Aconex support to the most costly phase of the asset lifecycle. 

“Aconex has helped deliver more than A$800 billion of successful construction and engineering projects,” said Kerri Lee Sinclair, vice president of new business. “We’ve seen first-hand how owners and facility managers struggle without handover information that is complete and accurate, easy to search and integrate with other data, and useful from day one of asset operation. They need to get their facility up and running as quickly as possible. They’re frequently moving around a site rather than sitting in an office full of reference materials. 

“Owners and facility managers need the right data and documents wherever they are in order to make the right decisions with the right information in a timely manner. With Dynamic Manuals, this information can be updated in real time and managed securely in the cloud. Facility managers can keep up with an ever-changing asset as changes occur, which is critical to the owner’s efficient, cost-effective operation of the asset over its useful life.”

Historically, O&M manuals have consisted of physical documents and drawings stored in three-ring binders. More recently, this information has been digitized and stored on compact discs (CDs) or similar media. Searching for, updating, and managing asset information for day-to-day operations can take hours for owners and their teams. In the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstances, this irreplaceable information can be lost forever. 

Aconex Handover solutions overcome these challenges for both contractors and owners. For contractors, Smart Manuals simplifies the handover process and improves the quality and usability of the O&M manuals delivered to the owner. For owners, Dynamic Manuals makes the O&M information easy to access, share, search, update, and manage on mobile devices. The asset data is stored on the cloud-based Aconex platform, safe from the effects of catastrophic loss.

In addition to Smart Manuals and Dynamic Manuals, Aconex Handover solutions include Digital Manuals for delivery of digital O&M information on storage media and O&M manuals linked to multidimensional building information models (BIM). 

Dynamic Manuals provides users with an intuitive graphical experience and the ability to view and update documents and technical files in the field. They can barcode or QR-code each physical asset in a facility and then scan the code from a Windows tablet to access all information on that asset. They can also share asset information with subcontractors and other outside resources from the tablet desktop or via email. All document updates and communications are captured in a permanent audit trail.

For more information on Aconex Handover, including Smart Manuals and Dynamic Manuals, see http://www.aconex.com/operation-and-maintenance-manual. 

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