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W. R. Meadows' Meadow-Patch Smooth-Grade

New from W. R. MEADOWS comes MEADOW-PATCH SMOOTH-GRADE, our one-component, polymer-modified, concrete surface finisher designed to achieve an ultra-smooth finish on precast, cast-in-place, tilt-up, and other unfinished concrete surfaces. This cement-based, sand-free material offers superior adhesion and durability. MEADOW-PATCH SMOOTH-GRADE contains no added gypsum and will allow vapor to readily pass through the surface. MEADOW-PATCH SMOOTH-GRADE makes troweled applications easy with its smooth consistency and an extended pot life that allows for an increased working time over traditional concrete surface finishers.

MEADOW-PATCH SMOOTH-GRADE is an ideal choice for filling imperfections, smoothing rough surfaces, repairing honeycombs, and dressing bug holes, or other small surface defects in newly placed or existing concrete surfaces. Its creamy consistency allows for this product to also be used as a concrete wash or parging material. MEADOW-PATCH SMOOTH-GRADE is highly versatile with excellent bond and freeze-thaw resistance and may be used in interior and exterior locations on below-, above-, and on-grade applications.

Further information on MEADOW-PATCH SMOOTH-GRADE can be found at: https://www.wrmeadows.com/meadow-patch-smooth-grade-polymer-modified-concrete-surface-finisher/

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