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Diversey-TASKI SWINGOBOT 3000 Machine

 Diversey-TASKI, the leader in smart sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene, unveiled its new TASKI® SWINGOBOT 3000 machine at ISSA Show North America 2019 in Las Vegas. The latest version of the popular robotic floor care machine offers improved and customizable navigation capabilities through its TASKI IntelliPath™ function and increased processor power.

TASKI IntelliPath™ is a highly intelligent teach-and-repeat function that allows anyone to easily customize a floor cleaning routine in seconds. The unique one-button operation lets users record and save their own floor care routes, including specific cleaning settings, while operating the machine at full speed.

“The new TASKI IntelliPath™ feature transforms robotic cleaning by giving users collaborative and flexible control of floor care within their facilities,” said Marcel Muller, Global Marketing Director TASKI Machines, Robotics, TASKI. “After years of proven success with SWINGOBOT, we’ve now combined human skills with the repeat accuracy of a robot for cleaning excellence time after time. This machine will help companies raise their game by driving operational efficiency, improving cleaning performance and empowering employees working in essential cleaning roles.”

SWINGOBOT 3000 combines advanced cleaning and technology capabilities with the trusted expertise of TASKI. Unlike many competitor solutions, the TASKI machine does not rely on outside markings like QR codes to understand its positioning. State-of-the-art sensors, including 2D LIDAR and sonar, deliver the highest intelligence of robotic navigation and obstacle avoidance for safe and fully autonomous cleaning. Once a user has created their customized path, one-button operation allows them to start the machine’s shift so they can focus on other high-level tasks.

Connected to the cloud, the SWINGOBOT 3000 machine offers remote support and data monitoring, as well as the following smart TASKI® functions included as standard.

  • TASKI IntelliPath™ – a build-your-own-route function that enables users to record and replay cleaning paths to have the full control and flexibility of autonomous cleaning
  • TASKI IntelliTrail™ – a fleet management system that gives managers remote access to machine location, activity and critical service information 
  • TASKI IntelliTrak™ – a solution for measuring site performance of the machine and for conducting software updates 
  • TASKI IntelliDose™ – a closed-pouch system that lets facilities select the optimal amount of chemical for any task and floor type  
  • TASKI IntelliFlow™ – solution-flow technology that delivers the proper amount of cleaning solution and water onto the floor according to the speed of the machine to reduce waste and ensure floors are always dry after cleaning 

For more information, visit www.taski.com

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