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Battery Monitoring System Aims To Reduce Outages

Advances in development and technology have moved our engineering team to focus on developing preventative measures for battery backup systems. Monitoring batteries for fire prevention are highly necessary for critical facilities. Batt-Safe II monitor, from C&C Power, was created for just this purpose. 

Prevent Outages & Maximize Your Uptime
Organizations face a loss in capital and difficult challenges arise when data center outages occur. These critical systems remain in operation due to the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). But the batteries that support the UPS are the most important component in reliability.

The use of the Batt-Safe II battery monitoring system drastically reduces the rate of critical outages. It increases preven­tive tactics, allowing the onsite operation to become alarmed, due to a poor performing battery or batteries. Compared to preven­tative maintenance alone, the Batt-Safe II dramatically rises the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

New Features

  • Single AC Input and network drop, for an easy, less costly installation
  • Automatic emailing of event and system logs
  • Improved IFC thermal runaway algorithm
  • Optional floating DC ground fault detection
  • Graphic display of cabinet’s status

Features & Benefits
The Batt-Safe II helps you make efficient, informed decisions when addressing battery related issues. It allows all the critical information to be seen in real time, helping you take the appropriate, corrective action with confidence.

Security & Reliability
The system contains the latest and most secure Simple Network Management Protocol version 3 (SNMP3). C&C Power is one of the only companies that contain this high level of security.

Regulatory Compliance
This system allows users to comply with the International Fire Code (IFC), California Fire Code (CFC), and NFPA. These are the most up-to-date codes that mandate thermal runaway protection.

Reduce Maintenance & Replacement Costs
Battery maintenance and replacement are based on the condition of the batteries, not arbitrary time schedules, which allows the user to spend capital, only when necessary.

Ease of Installation
Batt-Safe II is an easy to install and simple to operate battery monitoring system that can be used on all battery types. The battery monitor can daisy chain up to 12 units, which is an extremely unique characteristic for this type of device.

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