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Train Station LED Upgrades Target Pedestrian Comfort

The West End Concourse, forming Phase I of the Moynihan Train Hall project, significantly expands and redevelops the New York City, Penn Station terminal. SEFAR Architecture LIGHTFRAME ceiling system illuminates this elegant, underground walkway, enabling commuters and travelers alike to traverse the station, board, and alight from trains, and eventually connect directly from Penn Station to the Moynihan Train Hall, when this second phase is completed in 2020.

“LIGHTFRAME was the ideal product for a high-transit facility such as the West End Concourse,” said Peter Fajak, Associate, with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP, the firm responsible for the design. “The fully-integrated system is well-designed for accessibility, and it creates a wholly dynamic space; the ceiling light changes colors, subtly shifting while illuminating the walkway, adding to its aesthetic appeal.”

The West End Concourse offers more room for passenger circulation and also features new stairs and elevators to platforms, expanded space for passengers, and new entrances on 8th Avenue, right across from Penn Station. Phase II of the project will involve the completion of Moynihan Train Hall.

“LIGHTFRAME is an easy to install, modular system, which meant the sizing was flexible and it worked well with our needs,” Fajak added. “The fabric selection was superb and it allowed for even light distribution, maintaining a like-new appearance after multiple tests prior to installation. Additionally, the fabric also improves acoustics, as the material absorbs extraneous sound. This creates a better experience in this busy space for travelers, commuters, and anyone else moving through the concourse.”

Two layers of IA-85-OP fabric by SEFAR Architecture was used on LIGHTFRAME. The modules themselves range in size of 1.5m x 3.3m and have an NRC value over .90 to reduce noise and stress in the terminal hallways, while uniformly illuminating the space

LIGHTFRAME’s unique secondary membrane allows it to evenly diffuse light while improving acoustics. The dual membrane system prevents the penetration of debris and bugs that hinder the visual impact of other translucent ceiling products.

LIGHTFRAME's modular design reduces operation downtime and cost. The panels can be easily opened by local maintenance personal. No maintenance contract is needed. The panels, when open, hang and never touch the ground, allowing for easy access for servicing items in the plenum while keeping the entire system in pristine condition.

LIGHTFRAME's fabric membranes provide long-lasting resistance to UV light and do not yellow over time. The low-maintenance material resists moisture and dirt, meets all fire code requirements, and is free of VOCs. In the event of a fire, the ASTM E84 Class A membranes used with LIGHTFRAME produce no smoke.

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