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Hubbell Industrial Lighting Introduces the Industry-Leading Triple H LED Highbay/Lowbay for Severe Duty, High Temperature Applications


Hubbell Lighting, a global leader in lighting innovation, announced today that Hubbell Industrial Lighting has launched the new Triple H LED highbay/lowbay, a high-ambient, high-output, high-efficacy fixture capable of 148 lumens per watt and a scalable light output from 15,000 to 60,000 lumens.

Beat the heat.

The Triple H LED highbay/lowbay is built to operate in temperatures up to 149°F, designating it the only LED highbay on the market today that can perform in this extreme condition. When the temperature rises up to 149°F, the Triple H LED highbay/lowbay avoids the need to fold back output, a common occurrence in the harsh environment of today’s industrial facilities.

“Many of our customers in these harsh industrial environments noted frustration with luminaires that would falter, fail or fold back on power when temperatures rise,” said Joe Engle, product manager of Hubbell Industrial Lighting. “The Triple H highbay/lowbay was designed with individual light bars and driver modules to be thermally independent, empowering the end user to manipulate the luminaire for multiple configurations to meet the needs of the application.”

The Triple Hay is designed to replace outdated, inefficient HID fixtures up to 1000W. Hubbell Lighting studies show energy consumption has the potential to be reduced by 60 percent while virtually eliminating any need for maintenance.

It is available in both highbay and lowbay configurations and designed for hot or wet installations. Ranging from 15,000 lumens to 60,000 lumens, it is ideal to replace existing 1000 watt and 400 watt HID highbays in tough industrial locations. Because of the modular design and flexible optical choices, the Triple H LED highbay/lowbay can light almost any area in today’s industrial facilities.

Features and certifications of the Triple H LED highbay/lowbay:

  • Driver pod and light bars are aluminum extrusions
  • Installation – pendant mounting or cable mounting
  • Three highbay versions: 30,000 lumens, 45,000 lumens and 60,000 lumens
  • Three lowbay versions: 15,000 lumens, 22,000 lumens and 30,000 lumens
  • Up to 141 lumens per watt
  • Highbay total input wattage of 215 watts, 323 watts and 431 watts
  • Lowbay total input wattage of 108 watts, 162 watts and 215 watts
  • Five Year Warranty (Terms and Conditions Apply)
  • UL
  • UL1598A
  • CSA
  • Wet listed

For more information on Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s Triple H LED highbay/lowbay, please visit the product website here. Also, check out the brand’s FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn pages for the latest updates and news.

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