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Zoneworks Is Flexible Fabric Wall System That Allow Facilities to Adapt, Change Interior Spaces Without Challenges of Permanent Walls



Nov. 5, 2014 — Frommelt Products Corp. offers Zoneworks, making it the first global company to custom-design, manufacture, and market flexible fabric wall systems that give industrial and commercial users a highly adaptable and cost-effective means to achieve environmental control and separation of large interior spaces, while eliminating the need to construct or relocate permanent walls. 

Zoneworks’ flexible barrier systems are constructed of technically advanced, industrial-grade fabric panels that are interconnected with Velcro to form walls or curtains. Available in both insulated and non-insulated varieties, Zoneworks curtain walls can be affixed to existing building structures (such as ceiling joists), or attached to a custom-metal framework. Curtains are either fixed (stationary) or can be built to slide open and closed, operating on a track and trolley system.

Zoneworks’ systems are an affordable and readily adaptable alternative to rigid, permanent walls and enclosures built with conventional construction materials, such as wood, drywall, concrete block, and plastics. Plus, Zoneworks curtain walls require a smaller footprint, leaving more room for efficient use of costly floor space in warehouse or cooler/freezer environments.

Zoneworks systems are custom-designed for every application. A team of engineers and product specialists provide detailed drawings and turn-key project management, including installation if desired.

Users can easily reconfigure Zoneworks systems to match a facility’s changing operational needs. Designed to transform virtually any interior industrial, commercial, or institutional space into environmentally controlled zones, common Zoneworks applications include:

• Temperature separation, up to a 40°F (22°C) differential.

• Heat containment.

• Odor/fume containment.

• Dust containment.

• Sound attenuation.

• Enclosure of open loading docks

Paul Rowlett, Frommelt president, said Zoneworks fulfills a need in the marketplace for a proven company that offers a full breadth of customized flexible fabric wall systems in combination with turnkey services on a global scale. 

“Facility decision-makers are continually looking to optimize their interior space for any number of reasons, which range from energy savings to improved efficiencies to ongoing quality assurance,” says Rowlett, who oversees Zoneworks. “However, they also want to avoid the high costs and the considerable time it takes to build permanent walls that cannot be easily adapted to meet evolving space requirements. The answer is flexible fabric curtain walls – often insulated for temperature control. But unlike any other company, Zoneworks offers innovative solutions for virtually any application imaginable, virtually anywhere in the world, and with a level of service and support that has been unavailable until now.”

Zoneworks is a sister company of Frommelt Products Corp. (part of the Rite-Hite family of companies). Since 1951, Frommelt has earned a reputation as a leader in environmental control products for the loading dock. Through its history of designing dock seals, shelters, and other dock products, Frommelt has also developed expertise in modular freezer walls and sliding curtains used for environmental separation purposes in facility interiors. 

All Zoneworks products are designed and manufactured at the company’s facility in Dubuque, Iowa, with business operations located at Rite-Hite’s corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis.


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