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Pelco by Schneider Electric Announces New Infrared and White Light LED Illumination Offer



Improve camera performance, save energy and eliminate light pollution with new lighting


CLOVIS, CALIF. – Schneider Electric has announced the launch of Pelco™ Infrared and White Light LED Illumination products for security camera installations. These new products provide energy efficient, targeted discreet or deterrent lighting for video security. In addition, this efficient lighting extends the effectiveness of megapixel IP cameras for evening and night use and help security camera installations comply with light pollution restrictions.


Security cameras need a sufficient amount of light to produce usable images. With good lighting, network cameras can achieve high quality images at night, as well as reduce the bandwidth and storage requirements, and allow faster frame rates. Proper lighting also allows megapixel cameras to deliver the superior resolutions they are capable of, and eliminate the constant video noise the camera generates in trying to adapt to a low level of light. When there is video noise it is converted to high bandwidth images in the same way dark images consume all the toner in a copy machine. The end result is the high bandwidth images will overload the system with a large amount of unusable video data.


Benefits of correctly illuminating security camera installations include:

    Producing high quality video at night or in any low light situation
    Saving up to 90 percent on bandwidth usage
    Saving up to 90 percent on storage space
    Allowing for higher frame rates
    Clearer images that allow Video Analytics to perform effectively


Pelco’s new illumination offering, good for indoor and outdoor applications, includes: the white light LED illuminator, available with 50m, 90m, and 150m Range, the semi covert IR illuminator with 65m, 120m and 220m range, and the covert IR illuminator with 30m, 60m and 110m range. This new offer delivers an overall lighting solution, combining LED optic technology with unique product features such as remote control and LED status feedback, delivering an energy-efficient and controlled lighting solution.


“Pelco by Schneider Electric continues to expand its video surveillance offerings and keep our promise to be an IP-driven, customer-focused company with this new offer combined with the service and support customers have come to know from Pelco,” said Herve Fages, senior vice president, Schneider Electric, Pelco Video Line of Business. “This offer allows our customers to get maximum performance out of their security cameras, save energy, and light scenes better without light pollution.”


With its Pelco video portfolio, Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems. For more information about Pelco’s new illumination light offer, visit here:

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