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Elevate Your Effectiveness: Thinking like Your Customer



Tuscaloosa, AL - Many in sales are familiar with the phrase "Think like your customer." The expression essentially means businesses need to understand their customers and what makes them "tick." Doing so can both help retain existing customers and attract new ones as well.


But accomplishing this is not always easy, especially in the professional cleaning industry. This is because a product or service that works well in one situation may not get the job done in another setting.


As a result, thinking like a customer typically requires that manufacturers, distributors, and cleaning contractors take the following steps:

    Put yourself in your customers' shoes to discover their true business needs, revenue and overall goals, company structure, and "pain points."  
    Think about how your products or services can provide viable solutions and long-term customer savings. 
    If multiple people are involved in the decision-making process, make sure all key stakeholders are aware of these solutions and their benefits. 
    Determine exactly what the customer needs to know (i.e., cost, performance, environmental criteria, etc.) in order to justify a purchase. 
    Provide proof that your solutions will work. This can be accomplished by offering specific data, information, and even on-site demonstrations that prove your product or service will be effective. 
    Deliver on your promises. Make sure the suggested product or solution does exactly what you say it will do-and what the customer needs it to do.

"This last step is key," says Leah Runge, Marketing Manager for AFFLINK's eLev8 system. "This establishes [the manufacturer's, distributor's, and cleaning contractor's] reputation with the client. [They must] follow up, make sure [their] solutions are working, and be willing to make changes and adjustments if they are not."



The "Elevate Your Effectiveness Program" was developed by AFFLINK's eLev8 process to help manufacturers, distributors, and end customers improve their sales effectiveness and business performance.




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Photos: Leah Runge

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