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Backpack Your Way to Cleaner Floors


Fort Worth, TX  - Many facility maintenance managers (FMs) and cleaning professionals are now using backpack vacuums instead of traditional dust mops. This is because backpack vacuums can provide significant advantages when cleaning hard floors:

·       Performance. Backpack vacuums tend to provide more thorough cleaning than dust mopping.

·       Air quality protection. Backpack vacuums equipped with high-efficiency filtration systems provide healthier cleaning.

·       Efficiency. Workers are able to clean more quickly, enhancing productivity.


“We all know what happens when you sweep or dust mop a floor--dirt is scattered everywhere,” says Eric Hickman, Product Manager for Powr-Flite. “Vacuuming helps prevent this.”


Hickman also says backpacks are especially effective for cleaning grouted floors “because dust mops tend to glide over these surfaces, while vacuums remove embedded soils.”

As to worker productivity, vacuuming can save significant time. According to one study, it took a janitor 47 minutes to dust mop and then wet mop a classroom floor. The same work was completed in only 25 minutes when a backpack vacuum was used.

Because more FMs and cleaning workers are now using backpack vacuums, this month’s Powr-Flite Floorcare Troubleshooter offers the following tips for using backpack systems correctly:

·       Plugging the power cord near the middle of the area to be cleaned allows workers to vacuum a larger area before needing to change outlets.

·       Always work away from the power cord to prevent tripping over the cord.

·       Use a hard floor tool with a built-in brush to protect the floor from scratches.

·       Keep the hard floor tool level on the floor, ensuring the brushes are touching the floor on the front and back of the tool.

·       Keep the wand close to your body while vacuuming. This prevents fatigue and injuries caused by reaching and bending.

·       For maximum productivity, use the wand in a side-to-side motion (similar to mopping a floor) while walking forward.

“Along with being more thorough and faster, backpacks can also be less stressful than an upright,” adds Hickman. “Recently introduced harness technologies have made backpacks more comfortable and less stressful on the body.”




About Powr-Flite
Established more than 45 years ago, Powr-Flite manufactures a full line of floor-care equipment and carpet extractors for the professional cleaning industry. Based in Fort Worth, TX, the company has over 20 patented designs and its products are recognized throughout the world for their innovation, durability, quality and performance. Their products are marketed directly to end-use customers as well as through distributors throughout the North America, Europe and the Far East.

Powr-Flite is on Facebook.  Visit us at:

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