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Abbott Vascular Improves Office Ergonomics With Ergopoint Office Suite




ANN ARBOR, MICH – Humantech’s online tool, Ergopoint Office Suite, helped Abbott Vascular (AV) quickly train and assess its 4,000 computer users. “The risk of developing ergonomic injuries was increasing, and we wanted to take a proactive approach to identifying and addressing them,” says Abbott Vascular’s Global Ergonomics Manager Mike Ha.


Ha was hired in 2008 to implement the company’s ergonomics process. “At the time I was hired, AV did not have a comprehensive ergonomics program; ergonomic injuries or complaints were addressed on a case-by-case basis,” says Ha.  Due to the large number of users, finding the time to conduct face-to-face assessments and finding the time to follow up was difficult.


To get the process moving faster, Ha knew he needed an online program to help him train employees, prioritize issues, and track equipment needs. “I knew we had to narrow down the users who needed face-to-face assessments. We just didn’t have the resources to look at everyone,” he says.


That gap was filled with Ergopoint Office Suite, a web-based office ergonomics training, self-assessment, and management tool. Starting with a pilot program in 2011, Ha rolled out Ergopoint to 60 users. Because the majority of the users found it valuable and effective, he implemented it at all U.S. sites by late 2012.


The results surprised Ha. “We had very few high-risk reports,” says Ha.  The data reported that less than one percent of users were at high risk, 6 percent were at moderate risk, and 93 percent were at low risk. It became apparent that with the right training, the majority of people can fix their own problems, and those who couldn’t were immediately identified and immediately addressed.


Due to the positive impact of Ergopoint Office Suite, Ha is expanding the program internationally.


The full ergonomics success story can be found on our website at




For over 30 years, global companies have relied on Humantech for workplace improvements. By combining the science of ergonomics and our unique 30-Inch View®—where people, work, and environment intersect—we deliver practical solutions that impact safety, quality, and productivity. At Humantech, we believe know people make productivity happen. Please visit us at for more information.


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