Security Concerns: Take Password Protection Seriously

  February 9, 2016

By Dave Lubach

Most of us go through our lives collecting passwords like kids used to do baseball cards — collecting so many that we have no idea what we have. And we accumulate so many passwords that we often take the practice for granted. This can lead to serious security concerns for your institutional or commercial facility.

Password protection should be a vital step toward keeping your facilities safe from hackers looking to steal vital information. This article, though a year old, should serve as a reminder to give your passwords more than just a passing thought.

SplashData annually releases a list of the 25 most common passwords found on the Internet — making the people who use them extremely vulnerable to being hacked and having valuable information stolen.

The most popular, or worst, passwords to use according to the article are “123456” and “password.” Other top 10 entries include “qwerty” (the first six letter on the top row of a keyboard), “dragon” and “football.”

Birthday dates, favorite sports teams and names of children are among the other password mistakes to avoid. It seems obvious to avoid these kinds of passwords, but everyone probably can relate to this situation at one point in their lives.

Now, if you excuse me, I’m off to check my password list.

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