Mass Notification Systems Should Begin With A Plan

security, mass notification   March 31, 2010

I'm Justin Smith, managing editor of web development for Building Operating Management magazine. Today's tip: mass notification techniques in the event of an emergency.

During a crisis, studies show that the number of injuries and fatalities can be reduced if an efficient mass notification system is in place. All mass notification systems should begin with a plan. This includes asking basic questions like:

• Who do I call? And

• Who is in charge?

It's important to establish points of contact, incident commanders and calling trees. The plan also should spell out security responsibilities &emdash; for example, who will cordon off an area or call for a lockdown. In addition, facility managers should prepare for all types of emergency, including chemical spills and intruders. The same pattern should be followed for all emergencies: identify the crisis, communicate the emergency and recover from it.

Finally, FMs should train staff members in how to identify an emergency and communicate it.


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