Developing A Response To The Threat Advisory System

  June 23, 2009

I'm Brandon Lorenz, senior editor for Building Operating Management magazine. Today's Tip: Responding To The Threat Advisory System

Most everyone has some kind of security plan in place. Do you have a plan in place though to respond to the threat advisory system? The threat advisory system is the color coded matrix developed by the Department of Homeland Security. DHS can set national threat levels, though they can also vary by region.

What steps does your organization take when the threat level is raised to orange, which means the risk of a terrorist attack is high, the second highest threat level?

If you haven't, consider developing a plan to change facility and security operations based on the national threat advisory, especially for companies or buildings that are in mission-critical areas.

For example, when the threat level reaches orange, you could automatically make sure members of the company's emergency response team have the relevant email, cell phone and pager information if a crisis occurs and they need to reach each other.

For more tips on developing a response plan, ASIS International's publication Threat Advisory System Response Guideline includes sample responses for each color-coded level.


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