Digital crime by an anonymous hacker

Cyber Threats Continue To Be Issue For Facilities

  June 17, 2019

By Ryan Berlin

As technology continues to develop and facility systems become more advanced and automated, so do the potential cyber threats that facilities may not even know they are facing.

Nearly 70-percent of businesses experienced an attack last year, mostly caused by internal human error. And once a facility is exposed, it can put everything at risk.

One of the new weapons in the cyber criminals arsenal is a method called spearfishing, according to WWSB 7 in Sarasota, Fla.

“If I’m a hacker, I go to social media and look you up. I find out where you went to college, I’ll find out where you grew up, I’ll find out where your kids played baseball, what church you go to, then I would craft an email to make you think I’m your friend,” says Dan Madigan, Four Winds Network Services manager. “I would forward where it came from and have you open it. As soon as the business owner opens it, then they are open for attack.”

In most cases hackers are after is any spot of information that they can take and turn into cash or profit

Taking every precaution to not be a victim, “Is knowing what to look out for, being aware on how to spot different threats and then avoiding them altogether,” says Dylan Borden, Four Winds Network Services Marketing Director.

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