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Yale Locks & Hardware: The nexTouch Keypad Access Lock functions as a stand-alone lock, and also can be upgraded with plug-in technology modules. For example, optional upgrades include ZigBee and Z-Wave capability for small businesses that want to integrate nexTouch into an alarm or automation platform. The ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified cylindrical lock is available with either a capacitive touchscreen or pushbutton keypad. Other features include privacy mode, enabling the exterior keypad to be temporarily disabled by the user from the inside; 9V battery power backup; and support of up to 500 user codes, managed with voice-guided programming.

AGF Manufacturing: Corrosion is a continuous and virtually unstoppable process that can cost millions in damages, disable safety equipment, and put lives at risk.  The CORRINSITE Corrosion Monitor continuously monitors corrosion activity and measures wall thickness loss under actual operating conditions. Incorporated directly into the sprinkler piping system, it is subject to the same conditions as the pipe.  As the pipe corrodes, the monitor corrodes.  When the monitor corrodes beyond its limit, moisture penetrates the sealed chamber and transforms the white sight glass to a fluorescent orange color indicating a corrosion problem. Available in an in-line pipe and mechanical tee.

Tyco Security Products: Kantech EntraPass Go Install is a free mobile application that uses QR codes, pre-populated fields, and a simplified commissioning process to significantly decrease installation time of KT-1 and KT-400 door controllers, according to the company. Other security devices – Kantech doors, relays, inputs, Exacq video and DSC PowerSeries Neo zones — can be associated with one-button ease. The app also makes configuration easier with test activities that generate commissioning reports once all tests are completed. Test activities include activating buzzers, card swipes, and locking/unlocking doors, among many others.

Hilti: Hilti Firestop cable disc CFS-D1" features a highly adhesive back and collar-type design that can be surface mounted in 10 seconds or less, without the use of additional tools, backfill, or sealant. The discs can be installed across a broad range of base materials, including drywall, concrete, and wood. The pre-formed firestop solution accommodates cable bundles up to 1-inch in diameter in regular and irregular openings. Suitable for sealing through penetrations for low-voltage cables, mid-voltage cables, and low voltage bundles. It also can accommodate metal pipes and conduits up to 3/4-inches in diameter.

Kastle: KastlePresence is an Internet of Things (IoT) workplace solution controlled by a smartphone app. KastlePresence offers a suite of features, including hands-free mobile access. The solution leverages a system of smartphones, access control readers, and wireless beacons to be location, or presence, aware. This offers facility managers the ability to optimize space and energy consumption with occupancy understanding in real time. For the user, this background application is low maintenance and offers a convenient experience, such as doors that unlock and open as you approach them, and a personal security button that is accessible, when on-premises, 24 hours a day.

Victaulic: The VicFlex VS1 is a flexible dry sprinkler combining VicFlex flexible fittings with traditional Victaulic dry sprinkler technology for freeze protection. The entire length of the assembly encompasses the VicFlex Dry Sprinkler, which ensures that the installation meets or exceeds the required exposed sprinkler length in NFPA 13. The product can bend for accurate and easy installation, keeping the water safely back in the heated space. Available as a K5.6 commercial dry sprinkler in both sidewall and pendent orientations, including a flat-plate concealed version. All styles are available in either 38-, 50-, or 58-inch lengths.  

Hager Companies: Touchless actuators for the company's Low Energy Power Operator line provide a benefit to facilities that wish to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria, with an activation range that can be adjusted up to four inches. The actuators are NEMA rated for outdoor installation and include a light blue illuminated border for easy visual recognition. The faceplate is 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel with beveled edges, and is available with text and/or blue logo in various design options. Available as a 6-inch round or 4.75-inch square format. An audible alert is on/off selectable.

Viking: The Model VK492 standard response concealed pendent sprinkler in the Mirage family features a 5 mm glass bulb and is FM Approved and cULus Listed for Light and Ordinary Hazard occupancies. The primary application is in tenant improvement, renovation, and sprinkler replacement projects.  When modifications are made to existing light hazard sprinkler systems initially installed with standard response sprinklers, the NFPA 13 Standard requires that standard response sprinklers be used, to match the original design of the system.  The sprinkler has a K-factor of 5.6 (81) and is available in 155 F, 175 F, and 200 F temperature ratings. 

Camden Door Controls: The CX-33 advanced logic door controller's built-in lock down operating mode enables a designated (N/O) momentary emergency lock down switch, or switches, to disable automatic door activation switches while also locking electric strikes or magnetic locks to prevent entry under “intruder” conditions. Lock down mode is reset with a separate (N/C) momentary push button or key switch. The controller is also equipped with an additional output that can energize a lock-down status LED indicator. The controller is pre-programmed for interconnection with access control, fire alarm, and telephone entry systems.

Potter Electric Signal Company: Potter Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switches are designed primarily to detect an increase or decrease from normal system pressure in automatic fire sprinkler systems. (NFPA 72 requires a supervisory signal for both high and low pressure conditions.) The switch has a 300 psi pressure rating, and two independent pressure chambers and independently adjustable switches. Separate wiring chambers for low and high voltage comply with NEC 760 without special wiring or coordination between trades.

Arteco: The Arteco Contact-ID plug-in for the company's suite of video event management software (VEMS) allows users to duplicate security data through Contact-ID to receive events on Arteco VEMS platforms. Contact-ID, an alarm protocol for intrusion, fire, and building automation alarm systems, is a globally recognized standard, containing user ID information and event information as well as the systems’ status information. The integration allows customers to combine alerts with VEMS functionalities including alarm organization, reporting, and customization. The protocol also correlates data from other third-party systems, such as video surveillance cameras, access control, building automation, and video analytics.

ZKAccess: The KR500H multi-technology proximity card reader is capable of reading HID, ZKAccess, and Pyramid 125 kHz 26-bit proximity cards. An outdoor IP67-rated tamper-resistant multi-technology proximity card reader, its small mullion size makes KR500H suitable for all metal doors with thin frames, as well as parking gates, fences, turnstiles, and any security device that has a narrow mounting surface. KR500H is equipped with a built-in Wiegand-Out port which can be connected to most any access control panel, including ZKAccess C3 and InBio door controllers.

Pentair: Pyrotenax Mineral Insulated cables — constructed of non-combustible, inorganic materials — provide a minimum of two hours of electricity to emergency and life-saving equipment in the event of a fire. In 2012, all listed fire-resistive cables were de-classified by UL following research showing some polymer-insulated fire-resistive cables had a high failure rate under fire-test conditions. However, the company says, UL concluded that Pyrotenax Mineral Insulated cables were not subject to the failure modes found in the research testing, and the UL listing was reinstated. System 1850 MI wire consists of solid copper conductors in a continuous copper sheath with magnesium powder insulation, without needing a conduit for protection.

Delta Scientific: The HD2055 barrier, which will stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling 50 mph, meets the criteria of the U.S. Department of State for continuous operations of 1 million cycles. The HD2055 was tested from February 2016 through July 2016, outside, exposed to full sunlight and climatic conditions. Cycle rate on the barrier was four per minute. Upon impact, the barrier remains in its foundation and the opening stays blocked, providing a multiple hit capability. With its 24-inch foundation, the HD2055 obviates the concerns of interference with buried pipes, power lines, and fiber optic communication lines.

DYMO: Proper labeling is important for preserving life safety, especially around hazardous materials. The XTL 300 handheld industrial label maker has an on-screen print preview and color display to show exactly how labels will look when applied to cables, pipes, panels, and more. The unit comes with built-in label applications, pre-loaded label templates, and pre-set layouts for almost 100 patch panel models to eliminate size and spacing guesswork. Print labels from 1/4-inches to 1-inch, including continuous length tape, laminated wire/cable wraps, heat-shrink tubes, and pre-sized labels. PC-connectivity and free DYMO ID software allow transfer of labels to and from the unit.

HONEYWELL MILLER: The Titan II harnesses offer easier vertical adjustability that stays in place, slip resistant back D-ring pad, and forward positioned side D-rings, keeping tool bags in the right place. Lighter, strategically-placed padding is designed to provide optimal airflow. The Titan II harnesses and lanyards feature ANSI Z359.11 compliance and a maximum capacity of 400 pounds. All of the harnesses, and Titan II lanyards, feature Hi-Viz color for increased safety. All connectors are rated at 3,600-pounds gate-strength.

HES: In data centers, the KS200 Server Cabinet Locks install with minimal modifications on most swing-handle style server rack doors. The KS200 uses Wiegand wiring to integrate with existing access control systems and ID badges. With an integrated, multi-technology reader and a Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) mechanical key override, the KS200 features a static strength of 250 pounds.

SECO-LARM: The SK-1123-SDQ vandal-resistant outdoor access control keypad features improved user code, programming, timer, and other capabilities compared to the company's SK-1123-SQ. The SK-1123-SDQ uses the same hardware and wiring as the SK-1123-SQ, and features the same appearance, but adds visitor and super-user codes, and can handle up to 1,100 different user codes. The new keypad also includes temporary visitor codes, programmable egress inputs, and a built-in real-time clock that can be used to auto-disable the keypad at specific times.

D-Link: With a versatile, compact form factor, the HD Covert Network Camera (DCS-1201) discreetly monitors an area. The camera’s small size and 50 foot cable allows users to place the DCS-1201 in a far corner of a room or use discreet pinhole installation, even without a power outlet nearby. Additionally, ePTz allows users to zoom in, zoom out, and pan video views for surveillance in large areas. Featuring motion- and tamper-detection, the DCS-1201 can easily be installed in walls, ceilings, or in tight corners.

AMAG Technology: The DMP XR550 integrated burglary and fire panel can be configured with AMAG’s Symmetry access control system for users to gain access and disarm an area using a single card. Alarms from the DMP XR550 will appear in the Symmetry system, providing one user interface to control and manage alarms. The XR550 panel includes 99 programmable schedules for areas, profiles, and outputs. The XR550 contains 32-bit processors that operate 20 times faster than the previous model with 10/100 Ethernet auto-sensing designed to ensure fast network connection.

Safety Technology International: The Metal Protective Cabinet allows alarm control panels, or other areas requiring UL Type 4 protection, to be protected from extreme temperatures. The extra large, heavy-duty metal enclosure guards against vandalism, as well as dirt, dust and grime. It is large enough to house significantly sized electronic devices with space to spare. An AC/heater unit is externally mounted to minimize space intrusion. The enclosures mount to the wall, enabling the units to be protected in their designated location. Both the enclosure and AC/heater unit have a durable finish. Enclosure is available with or without a window.

Status Solutions: The SARA eMessenger mobile solution features integrated alarm monitoring, alerting/mass notification, and reporting. It can trigger the appropriate alerts, be it for an armed intruder or a malfunctioning HVAC unit, through text messages or live video. The SARA eMessenger provides approximate location data so an alarm source can be found more quickly. Two-way talk enhances response to a fixed or mobile duress alert by calling the person who triggered the device. The solution provides customizable, embedded controls to generate or escalate alerts. Video paging with live video, recorded video, photos, and maps provides for greater situational awareness.

Proxyclick: Proxyclick, SaaS visitor management software, features Welcome, a reception  app on iPad. The software offers many customizable options, such as Smart Questions, a variable flow of questions presented to visitors at sign-in to, for example, manage contractors differently from other visitors, ask certification questions, or make visitors sign a specific document. The software can read QR codes sent ahead of time to pre-registered visitors. Standard kiosk texts can be customized to fit with the company culture. When pre-registering a visitor, employees can generate an email invitation. Proxyclick supports badge generation, among other capabilities.

Tyco SimplexGrinnell: SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES audio speakers with individual on/off audio control provide high quality audio output and targeted emergency message delivery. At the same time, the speakers offer the benefits of the TrueAlert ES family of fully addressable notification appliances, including device self-testing. The fire alarm panel can be programmed to select which speakers are  used and what message will be played on them during emergencies; audio messages are directed by programming, not wire runs. The quality of the sound can enable the speakers to be used for standard functions like non-emergency paging and background music.

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Mobile Technology Streamlines Security and Fire Safety Products

Safety and Security Products

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