Onboard Security: Remember the Five W's

When you onboard an in-house/contract/proprietary services, answer the 5 W's.

By Sean A. Ahrens, CPP and Steve Siegel, Contributing Writers  
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When you onboard an in-house/contract/proprietary services, answer the 5 Ws – Who, What, Where, Why, When — and don’t forget How.  

Who: Who are the caliber officers you want? What skills do they need? Analytical? Leadership, response, armed?  

What: What will they do? What do they need? Car, tools? Firearms? What are you trying to protect? What is to be provided? What will the client provide? What is the result you desire? What goals are you trying to accomplish? What problems do you want to solve? What issues are you trying to prevent? Who are your customers?  

Where: Where will they be? Roaming (walking, vehicle, bicycle) or at fixed posts?  

Why: Arguably the most important question: Why are they there? This should help them understand their overall mission and related policies and procedures that will support that mission.  

When: Where are they to be on-site? What is the time of performance? Business days, holidays? Three shifts or one?  

How: How will the service be performed? How do they/or do they engage? How many staff do you need? How many roaming positions? How many fixed locations? Rules of engagement/continuum of force needs?  

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