The way a manager handles a roofing project and the subsequent decisions made as a result will impact the integrity of the building for years to come.

How To Select the Correct Roofing Consultant

Comprehensive planning can help managers turn a big-ticket challenge into a long-term success

By Derek A. Segal  
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The process of replacing a roof on a commercial or institutional facility is fraught with challenges. Maintenance and engineering managers responsible for such a large and expensive project should consider bringing in outside expertise for guidance at key points.

The first step in finding such help is to start digging up the names of the best roof consultants in your area that have handled similar projects. Locating a qualified and experienced candidate will be the smartest decision a manager can make. The manager will be able to effectively perform his or her job, and will have an advocate on the replacement project to efficiently guide the whole process from beginning to successful end.

By consultant, I mean someone who understands the technical aspects of the project and is unafraid to get their hands dirty and is readily available to speak to you in language you understand.

— Derek Segal

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Making Roofing Projects Work

Specifying the Proper Roofing System

Roofing: Fine Tuning the Specification Process

How To Select the Correct Roofing Consultant

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