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Focus On Sustainability: Effect on Roofing

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How has the focus on sustainability affected the roofing market? What, in fact, is a sustainable roof?  

The emphasis (and marketing) of sustainability has a tremendous affect on the construction industry including roofing. Similar to the issues which have occurred with “value engineering” in the past where long-term performance was often overlooked for upfront costs, the long-term performance is being overshadowed by the upfront “environmental” appeal. For any system to “sustain” if must “endure” and to endure we must maintain. For “practical” sustainability we must use time proven systems properly installed with a proactive maintenance program. I totally support environmental initiatives and focus on sustainability but I believe we must stay focused on the long-term service life achieved through proper design, construction, and maintenance.

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Important Updates In Roofing Technology

Focus On Sustainability: Effect on Roofing

Tips To Ensure A Successful Roofing Installation

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