How Do The Building IoT and Mobile Tech Complement Each Other?

  November 1, 2016

By Greg Zimmerman

For the November issue of Building Operating Management, I’m working on a story on the intersection of mobile FM technology and the Building Internet of Things. How do they complement each other? What are the benefits? How do these benefits result in savings, both of time and money? And really, most importantly, will machines soon be ruling the world?

Probably not, but even if you haven’t totally embraced the Building Internet of Things, you’d have to admit mobile technology for FM is on the march. As we reported in our March cover story, more than 76 percent of FM departments are using mobile devices to get facility-related alarms or notifications. That’s really the bare minimum. The story continues with examples from several FMs who are making best use of mobile technology.

But what’s the next step to tying mobile to the burgeoning Building Internet of Things? And how does that relate to high-performance buildings?

There are, of course, the whiz-bang applications, though many of them have questionable real-world value – like being able to freak your occupants out by closing their blinds when they know you’re on the beach in Aruba. But there are tons of useful, practical ways to use the intersection of the Building IoT and mobile technology — and many of these save both time and money.

That’s the story I’m hoping to tell in the November article — and I’d love to hear your stories. How have you embrace mobile technology in your FM operation? Have you found intersections with Building Internet of Things?

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