Specification Guide Highlights Plumbing Systems

Resource aims to aid evaluation and selection of pipe and fittings for drinking water, drain, fire suppression and other critical piping applications.   October 26, 2022

By Dan Hounsell, Senior Editor

The release of the new Plumbing Specification Guide by Safe Piping Matters gives design and construction professionals an additional resource to guide evaluation and selection of pipe and fittings for drinking-water, drain/waste/vent, fire-suppression and other critical piping applications. The guide will also support municipalities and managers in individual buildings as they work to upgrade piping systems, including replacing infrastructure prioritized in recent federal programs. 

Available at SafePipingMatters.org/guide, the guide offers explanations and recommendations based on industry expertise, academic research and real-world examples. Key topics include: 

  • system configurations 
  • piping material strengths and weaknesses 
  • plumbing codes, standards, and specification language 
  • safety issues, such as permeation, combustibility and firestopping 
  • health risks from leaching and toxicity 
  • resilience factors that affect the lifespan of pipe 
  • environmental issues related to production and disposal of pipe materials. 

Dan Hounsell is senior editor of the facilities market. He has more than 25 years of experience writing about facilities maintenance, engineering and management. 


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