Saving (and Going) Green With Copper in Plumbing Products

  December 12, 2014

Managers should consider copper tubing as an economical and dependable component in automatic fire-sprinkler systems and gas-distribution systems.

Copper-plumbed sprinkler systems are the most cost-effective solution in many situations, especially where quick installation, small size and clean operation meet critical needs. Copper-tube systems are easily fabricated on-site. Due to their small size, they can be easily installed in concealed locations and are less obtrusive.

Copper systems also deliver clean, rust-free, uncolored water when activated, which can mean a major difference in property damage when the system goes off. For fuel gases, semi-rigid or flexible copper tube can be installed quickly anywhere with few joints and, again, is easily concealed.

With more than four decades of use, copper gas systems have proven highly dependable, especially for today's high-pressure systems. Copper for gas distribution also usually ranks as the lowest-installed-cost system. As with sprinkler systems, a copper system often is easier to maintain over its service life.

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