Portable Cleaners and Water Jetters Maintain Drain Lines

By Thomas A. Westerkamp  
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Sink machines, drum machines, sectional machines and rodder machines are among the most popular choices for heavier-duty cleaning or longer drain lines that are 24 inches in diameter and larger.

A rodder with a 6 horsepower (hp), 133-rpm gas engine that drives sectional rods is a useful tool for larger jobs, such as clearing straight sewer runs up to 24 inches in diameter and up to 500 feet long. With various attachments, such as cutters and pickups, this system plows through and removes tough blockages, including tree roots.

Water Jetters

Water jetters offer yet another versatile solution for maintaining drain lines in serviceable condition. One model delivers water at low volume — 1-2 gallons per minute — and high pressure — adjustable up to 1,300 pounds per square inch — to clear sludge, grease, and soap blockages in 1¼-inch to 4-inch drain lines.

Popular sizes of stainless-steel cables are 1⁄8-inch in diameter and 50 feet long up to ¼ inch in diameter and 100 feet long. They feature dual-pulse action to negotiate multiple 90-degree bends and scrub the drain walls as they retract from the pipe.

Technicians can remove hose reels from the optional cart easily to get into hard-to-reach places. A 14-amp, 1.5 hp pump motor provides power from a standard 115-volt outlet.


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