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Managers Can Specify a Range of Hand-Held Drain Cleaners

Hand-held drain-cleaning tools include toilet augers — some up to 6 feet long — snakes, grappler hooks, flat tapes, and hand spinners for cleaning traps and shorter drain lines.

Hand snakes often are 3 feet long with a spiral-wire clog breaker on the end that feeds through the cross wire on the sink drain, then into and through the sink trap to clear blockages. A straight guide tube keeps the cable straight and prevents kinking.

Technicians often use hand and power spinners on drain lines that are up to 1½ inches in diameter. One popular type of hand spinner stores cable in a drum and works well on drains in sinks, tubs, showers and toilets. The spinner features a pistol grip and an attached hand crank that hand-feeds cable from a drum into the drain.

The power spinner is a variation of this hand spinner and offers a detachable hand crank. A standard battery-powered drill attaches to the cable crankshaft at the drum to convert it into a power spinner for tougher applications.


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