Inspection Cameras Diagnose Drain Blockages

By Chris Matt, Associate Editor  
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After operators have specified the right equipment for the job and followed specific safety instructions, it is time to diagnose the clog. That is where inspection cameras come into play.

“It gives you an accurate and faster diagnosis of problems,” Speranza says. “You might have a main drain line somewhere or a drain that maybe is collapsed or broken. The camera can allow you not only to see that but identify the location and the depth, so you know exactly where to dig up the floor and replace the pipe.”

The technology advances in the drain-cleaning industry primarily relate to inspection cameras, rather than the tried-and-true cable machines and water jets.

Says Brown, “(The) use of a camera system gives the professional a digital record of work done on the job site for future reference, and, with an integrated transmitter in the cable, the professional can easily find the location and depth of an obstruction if excavation is required.”

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