Housekeeping: How to Properly Clean Restroom Floors

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When cleaners have taken care of the restroom's mirrors, fixtures, dispensers, partitions, and toilets, it is time to turn their attention to the floor. Using the mop and bucket or a flat-mop system, they must mop their way out of the restroom and allow the floor to dry. In some cases, using a high-speed air mover will dry the floor more quickly.

Again, they should use a properly measured disinfectant cleaner and allow it to dry, which will give it the appropriate amount of dwell time.

Simply mopping will not get the floor clean or keep it clean over time. In particular, housekeeping crews should scrub grouted floors with a machine using a scrub brush and a germicidal solution, removing the remaining liquid with a wet vacuum.

Managers also can consider various sizes of combination scrubbing machines that allow cleaners to apply the solution, scrub the floor, and pick up the remaining liquid in one operation. Machine-scrubbing restroom floors is important. The process is time-consuming, but to keep the restroom clean and hygienic, managers should strongly consider this method.

Floor drains also can be a source of odors in restrooms. To prevent this problem, cleaners can pour a solution of disinfectant and water into drains. They also should remember to remove the trash, clean receptacles regularly and replace liner bags as needed.

The frequency of restroom cleaning will vary based on the amount of traffic. Restrooms in airports and K-12 schools generally require more cleaning than those in commercial office buildings. Whatever the case, managers need to ensure cleaners monitor the condition of the restroom to provide the proper level of hygiene in these areas.

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Housekeeping: How to Properly Clean Restroom Floors

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