Drain Cleaning: Safety Checklist

By Thomas A. Westerkamp  
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Drain cleaning is an essential task in any facility, but it can present dangers for front-line technicians. Among the important questions managers must ask in developing safety training for drain-cleaning equipment are these:

• What personal protective equipment should technicians wear?

• Is a manual or electric auger or a high-speed water jet better suited for this job?

• What issues should technicians address to select the right cable size to prevent buckling and whiplash?

• What attachments fit the job best?

• What pre-inspection is needed?

• How should technicians check the electrical components?

• How should they prepare the area for safe operation before beginning the task?

• What steps are required to feed cable safely and protect hands?

• How should technicians use torque control on powered augers to prevent cable jamming and buckling?

• What should they do if the equipment jams or the cable buckles or breaks?

• What steps are required to ensure the backflow preventer on a high-speed water jetter is working to prevent contaminating the fresh-water supply with sewer water?

• What is the proper way to insert the water-jet nozzle far enough into the line to prevent backsplash when the water is turned on?

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Drain Cleaning Equipment Options

Drain Cleaning Safety Considerations

Drain-Cleaning Equipment: Rent or Buy?

Drain Cleaning: Safety Checklist

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