To Get the Most Out of Green Paint, Know Where to Use It

paint, coatings, green, VOC   February 15, 2008

Low- and no-VOC paints have not always had the best reputation. Part of the reason is because while manufacturers succeeded in producing green paints, they often sacrificed performance. Newly formulated green paints have better performance, but are still better suited for some spaces.

Exterior low-VOC paints are generally not up to the speed of their interior counterparts because the antifreeze component is not present. Interior low- and no-VOC paints continue to improve in quality, but are still not ideal in all situations. For example, mechanical rooms, rooftop equipment and other industrial settings that require protection and long-lasting coatings are better suited to traditional paints.

Low- and no-VOC paints are best suited as interior architectural coatings, particularly in occupied spaces, due to their low odor.


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