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Choosing the Right Mower

mower, walk-behind

Hi. This is Chris Matt, Associate Editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today’s tip … finding the right lawn mower.

Choosing the right mowers and tractors is the first step toward increasing efficiency. Before making purchasing decisions regarding mowing equipment, grounds care managers must consider these issues in developing a strategy:

- Ask mowing-equipment operators about their equipment preferences, including specific features that would make their jobs easier and make them more productive.

- Ensure that operators test-drive each piece of equipment before purchase. Test the equipment on site to a get a better sense of how it reacts under specific conditions.

- Review the size and terrain of areas that will be mowed, taking into account any landscaping and site features that affect mowing.

- Consider operations the mower could perform in the offseason. Are attachments available that could make the machine more useful year-round?

- Compare ride-on versus walk-behind mowers.

- Check out a mower’s ease of service.

- Mower manufacturers are very competitive, so compare various brands for quality and features.

- And finally, because of this increased competition among manufacturers, managers might be able to take advantages of incentives and financing available for some brands or models.


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