Keeping Up-to-date on Painting Maintenance

paint, maintenance   July 30, 2008

Keeping your facility on a regular repainting schedule will keep surfaces looking clean and bright while adding opportunity to regularly inspect and repair small imperfections. Facilities have many different surfaces throughout, and each requires different schedules and preparations.

Painted metal, wood or plasterboard walls and ceilings in common areas should be inspected and repainted every three years. At that time, holes, dents and scratches can be addressed to ensure the new coat of paint looks good and adheres well.

Painted doors, railings, equipment, worksurfaces and floors should be repainted every two years as they generally endure a lot of wear and tear. Look for rust or chips on metal surfaces and railings especially, and clean them with a wire brush.

Painted concrete block walls, such as those commonly found in schools, should be repainted every three years, depending on traffic.


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