Demountable Walls

office reconfigure, construction costs   July 28, 2008

If you tend to reconfigure your office space a few times every five years or so, considering a demountable wall system could save a lot of headaches over time.

Demountable walls used to have limited design choices and could be cost-prohibitive when compared to traditional drywall, but that has changed. While demountable walls do have an initial $1.50 to $3.00 per square foot premium over standard construction, reconfiguring an office would run about 60 percent less than tearing down and rebuilding a drywall office, which could run $15,000. They can also shave three or four weeks from the reconfig schedule.

In addition to saving construction costs over time, demountable walls avoid all the noise, dust and general hassle of reconfiguring drywall offices. Demountable walls can be designed to have built-in electrical and telecom/data systems with a single connection point per office, like systems furniture. And of course, it’s always greener to reuse a wall rather than tear it down and throw it away.

As the cost of construction materials rises, flex space becomes the norm and reducing waste a greater priority, demountable walls may be just the solution.


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