Choosing Interior Paint Colors

  February 19, 2010

Facility managers are sometimes intimidated by the task of choosing wall colors. They have confidence in most other areas of their job, but when it comes to color, they often try to defer that decision on to someone else.

But like other aspects of the job, facility managers only need to do a little homework and trust their gut instinct. Research simple color theory, what colors work well together and the effect colors have on humans. This will give you an idea of the types of colors to choose, whether a warm tone, an energetic color or something cool and calming, for example.

Then, trust your gut instinct and personal preferences. Too many facility managers are afraid of choosing a "bad" color, so they end up with spaces that are dull, lifeless and grayed out. Try a color on one wall and get occupant feedback. It's relatively fast and inexpensive to change a paint color, so don't be afraid to try something interesting.


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