Lift Specification: Key Questions

  February 15, 2010

This is Chris Matt, Managing Editor of Print & E-Media, with Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today's tip is asking the right questions during lift specification.

Whether a maintenance task involves the one-time use of lift equipment or a longer-term commitment, selecting the right product requires managers to answer a series of important questions, such as:
  • How many technicians does the equipment need to lift for the task, and how much material?

  • What load capacity, platform space and utility access does the task require?

  • How far vertically and horizontally do technicians need to reach?

  • Do they need to reach over and down or rotate materials or components?

  • How will operators transport the lift? Is it a wheeled or tracked self-propelled unit? Does it need a trailer, or a pick-up truck, or a forklift?

  • Will the lift operate and be stored in one location?

  • Will operators need to move the lift over uneven surfaces?

  • Does the task call for a lift with leveling capability or load analysis?

  • How wide and high are access points?

  • Does the task call for alternating-current or direct-current electricity, or gas, propane or diesel fuel?

  • Will technicians need to work over immovable objects, such as ramps, steps, auditorium seats, or roofs?


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