Painting Projects With Sustainability in Mind

By Dan Hounsell, Editor  
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Paints and coatings applications address some important needs for institutional and commercial facilities. Among the most common goals for such projects is improving the appearance of a given space and contributing to the overall sustainability of a facility.

But maintenance managers responsible for planning application projects and specifying materials who focus largely on aesthetics and sustainability are likely to miss out on additional opportunities these projects can offer.

Carefully planned and effectively carried out, paint and coating projects can help managers generate savings for their organizations. Streamlined scheduling and specification can result in lower short-term costs related to labor and materials, and the use of quality products matched to the substrate in question can deliver longer performance life, minimizing the need to repaint.

Managers looking to identify the sources of savings in painting projects can enlist the help of an experienced contractor as a partner in the project.

"The myth among managers is that they can save money by doing these projects in-house," says Bob Cusumano, president of Coatings Consultants Inc. in Palm Gardens, Fla. "When you take into account all of the training and other issues that go into the project, it often is in fact more cost-effective to bring in a contractor to do the work."

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