Painting Contractors Provide Valuable Resource to Managers

By Dan Hounsell, Editor  
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In terms of resources managers have at their disposal to help navigate through these and other challenges related to painting projects, contractors often are at the top of the list.

"In terms of consultation, contractors can provide a great deal of information to managers that can lead to greater savings," Cusumano says.

Adds Zimmer, "The contractor should be a full participant in terms of the function they're providing. The manager should really meet with that contractor to get their perspectives on the job right up front — what they might recommend in terms of products they've worked with in a particular space.

"I was actually talking with an architect not too long ago who was spec'ing materials for a laboratory environment at a university. When the painter got there and actually learned more, he called the architect and said, 'This product you spec'ed with the facility manager is not going to work. I've used this in a lab environment before, and because of the cleanup materials, it will never hold up. So instead of using technology A, we need to use technology B.'

"So if that conversation had happened early on, they wouldn't have had to delay and go get different paint with a different technology. The contractor should absolutely be engaged and talking with the manager right from the get-go."

Spotlight: PDCA

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