Teaching Existing Staff to Manage An Outsourcing Service Contract

contract management, outsourcing contract   January 23, 2008

Transitioning from in-house services to outsourcing is a major change for existing staff. Staff may have a difficult time turning over work they either managed or did themselves. The change also requires staff to manage an outsourcing contract and a new relationship with a service provider. For a successful transition, it’s important to equip the new contract management team with a solid contract management process with an effective and flexible contract that has service levels, a performance management framework, defined reporting, and change management and conflict resolution processes. Putting a contract-management team in place sometimes requires a change in the culture of the facility management organization. The contract manager must shift from managing resources to managing results. To help your team, provide them with guidance on the intent of the outsourcing relationship and the workings of the contract, service levels and performance management framework and give them training on contract management principles.


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