BAS Satisfaction Hinges on More Than Technology

building automation, controls, system integration   January 18, 2008

I’m Ed Sullivan, editor of Building Operating Management magazine. Today’s tip involves the importance of evaluating service when selecting a BAS system.

Building automation systems are a major investment. So it’s no surprise that facility executives pay a lot of attention to the systems themselves – everything from the functions each system provides to the user interface.

That homework pays off. Most facility executives are pretty satisfied with the technology they get.

What they are often less satisfied with is the service and support they receive after the system has been installed. One common concern is being locked into an unsatisfactory service provider. Another major source of frustration is the cost of service and upgrades. With proprietary systems facility executives have little choice but to go back to the original vendor for upgrades – and to pay what the vendor charges.

A facility executive who is seriously considering a proprietary system should scrutinize the local service organization that will provide service and support as closely as the BAS technology itself. An system based on interoperable products – ones that can share information and control functions directly, regardless of manufacturer – offers an insurance policy: freedom to move to another service and support provider if the first one proves unsatisfactory.


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