Outsourcing Provides Focused Expertise for Hire

  November 18, 2013

Outsourcing can be more than just a way to cut costs on in-house functions. In can be a way to import expertise in a targeted manner without having to create an in-house position. In addition, facility managers employing outsourcing are also hiring a fresh set of eyes that might be able to spot a new solution to an old problem.

An article in the April 2013 issue of Building Operating Management details some of the ways three organizations used energy services outsourcing in a strategic manner, rather than simply looking for a quick fix and a low bid.

For example, an energy services provider can help manage the adoption of energy efficiency measures that might be unfamiliar or utterly unknown to the in-house facilities management staff. Over the years, the Los Angeles Convention Center's long-term relationship with its outsourced energy services provider has yielded a facility that uses 64 percent less energy than a comparable facility, according to the center's 2010 Building Performance Report from the U. S. Green Building Council.

Expertise within the outsourced service provider's team could also help facility managers be more strategic in allocating available resources. At KeyBank, partnering with their outsourced energy services provider helped them make planned energy efficiency spend go as far as possible. The relationship between the two firms is so close, the outsourced employees blend seamlessly into KeyBank's facilities team.

An advantage an outsourced provider can bring to the facilities team is the luxury of focus. They are hired specifically for a task, while the facilities team has a variety of fires to contend with on any day, coupled with all the other long-range duties of the job.


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