Choosing a Green Cleaning Vendor

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What should a facility manager look for in choosing a green cleaning vendor?

Choosing a green cleaning vendor is no different than choosing any great vendor. We always begin by pre-qualifying all vendors interested in providing services. Use the available certifications and awards to facilitate identifying the few who are most capable. For example, Green Seal’s standard on cleaning service providers and ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Buildings are a good start.

In addition, buyer-specific issues should to be included, such as vendor financial resources, local offices, local business base, safety record, and industry and building-type experience. As a follow-up to a prequalified short list, I’d also suggest focusing on the following key issues:

• Focus on identifying the best-available project manager, one who has great green cleaning experience in a facility like yours.
• Next, look for those vendors who can present a comprehensive and convincing cleaning system, highlighting their green cleaning practices.
• Look for companies that have a record of constant innovation, exploring better and best green products.
• Finally, apply the “right price” test to the price quoted.

Answers from Vince Elliott, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and industry innovator advocating on behalf of buyers of facility services for over 40 years. He has also delivered more than 100 conference presentations and written two industry-leading books and some 300 articles, white papers, and ebooks. Reach him at velliott@ealtd.com.

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Choosing a Green Cleaning Vendor

The Current Popularity of Green Cleaning

New Green Cleaning Products and Approaches

Where Green Cleaning is Headed in the Near Future

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