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Bobcat Co.
Skid-steer loader
The S100 features a 1,000-pound-rated-operating-capacity loader, an easy-to-read instrument panel and a transversely mounted engine in a frame small enough to work in tight job sites. The loader features a four-cylinder, 33.5-horsepower diesel engine and a lift height of 8 feet, 6 inches. The instrument panel can display service codes with the loader’s engine, electrical and hydraulic systems. A system-shutdown feature alerts operators when certain engine and hydraulic systems are out of range, and it shuts down the machine to prevent catastrophic damage. The unit can travel up to 6.5 mph and features a 13.1 hydraulic-pump capacity. Users can choose from 35 different attachments, and the loader comes with an attachment-mounting system that enables operators to switch between attachments in less than a minute.

FLIR Systems Inc.
Thermal-imaging cameras
The i-Series includes the i40, i50, and i60 models. The built-in visual camera offers up to 2.3-megapixel resolution for clearer details, as well as a built-in illuminator lamp to ensure quality images in poorly lit areas. The camera features a five-hour, swappable, lithium-ion battery and a 1.3-pound, ergonomic-grip design that improves point-and-shoot operation. The camera’s picture-in-picture technology allows technicians to blend an infrared image with a visual reference image on a 3.5-inch color liquid crystal display for easier diagnostics and clearer reports.

Litetronics International Inc.
Fluorescent lamps
Energy-Lite T5, high-output lamps produce 5,100 lumens while using 54 watts of electricity. The lamps’ high lumen output makes them an energy-efficient choice for high-bay retrofit projects. The lamps have an 85 color rendering index that is designed for applications where color rendition is significant. The lamps’ 30,000-hour life is backed by a two-year warranty. The lamps meet toxicity characteristic leaching procedure standards for mercury content and are available in 3,500-, 4,100-, and 5,000-Kelvin models.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Motorized tilt truck
The battery-powered unit travels up to 3 mph and covers a variety of surfaces and terrain. It offers up to five hours or 15 miles of operation on one charge with an eight-hour recharge requirement. Workers can plug the carry-along charger into any standard 110-volt outlet. The trucks feature an ergonomic steering handle with two paddle controls workers can operate with two hands, making it safer to steer and maneuver. The hinged frame design enables the truck to stay in the tilted position, making loading and unloading easier. The unit has a capacity of 500-1,000 pounds and features structural foam construction that is easier to clean.

Krylon Products Group
VOC-compliant cleaner
Sprayon® Electro Wizard removes, dissolves and rinses away foreign contaminants from sensitive equipment and precision instruments. The cleaner has a dielectric strength of 12,500 volts and is nonflammable and safe on plastics. It instantly evaporates, eliminating the trapping of airborne contaminants and allowing occupants to handle parts immediately. The cleaner is volatile-organic-compound-compliant in all 50 states and is an alternative to HCFC-141B, a Class II ozone-depleting substance the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is phasing out by 2010. Managers can use the cleaner on the following applications: printed circuits; relays and switches; meters; X-ray equipment; hydraulic-fuel systems; timing devices; cameras; office machines; computer systems and memory devices; satellite-communication equipment; and TV-video equipment.

GrayWolf Sensory Solutions
IAQ meter
The DirectSense IAQ Plus is a mobile, personal-computer-based kit technicians can use for both walk-through surveys and trend data logging — over hours, days or weeks. The unit measures carbon dioxide to determine adequate dilution of occupant-generated pollutants and verifies energy-saving adjustments to HVAC systems have not compromised occupant productivity, health, or safety. With the same probe, it can measure potential sources of volatile organic compounds and record elevated levels. The unit determines whether costly laboratory analysis of air samples is justified and where and when to collect such samples. Desktop data-analysis software allows for detailed report and graph generation, with optional modules for template building using preformatted text.

Equipment trailer
The EZ Haulr can transport most walk-behind outdoor power equipment on any vehicle with a 2-inch receiver hitch. The unit features 300 pounds of total capacity and adjustable-width ramps. It can transport equipment safely with wheel spacing up to 35 inches wide and up to 46 inches front to back. The unit can carry auxiliary equipment on small service vehicles or on the rear of multi-machine flatbeds. Key features include: three-piece construction for easier hitch installation; self-storing 6½-inch-wide, no-slip ramps; permanent front-wheel stops; right-hand or left-hand ramp use; multiple safety pin locks; and a powder-coated finish.

Eagle MHC
Stainless-steel sinks
The Euro-style edging on the sinks makes it easier to keep the surrounding work and floor areas clean, while a new bowl design provides more space and maneuverability for washing. The sinks feature stainless-steel construction, including the bowls, drain boards and backsplash components. The units also come with one-, two-, three- or four-bowl compartments. The sink bowls feature a deep-drawn, one-piece construction, along with a swirl-away drainage design for complete evacuation of water. The sinks include front-to-back leg braces for added rigidity and sturdiness. The leg gussets are welded to a die-cut reinforcing plate to optimize sturdiness. Most models come with a 10-inch backsplash element featuring a 1-inch upturn and tile edge. Other models feature a backsplash that is 2 inches higher, allowing for a higher faucet clearance, as well as deeper sink bowls.

KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems
Portable air conditioner
The Strategic Air Center Model 2411 is designed for use in hospitals, server rooms, and all types of facilities using backup-generator, 115-volt circuitry. The unit combines the convenience of 115-volt power with a high-capacity unit that takes up minimal space. The cooler is 20 inches wide, 42 inches long and 42.5 inches high. Facilities can use the 2-ton unit for primary, supplemental or emergency cooling. The unit is ETL and CETL listed to UL and CSA standards.

Snow Dragon Snowmelters
Snow melter
The SND-RM90 is specifically designed for parking ramps. A 1-ton pickup truck can tow the unit, and the melter has been designed for demanding access up a parking ramp. The unit uses heat-exchanger-tube assemblies for direct heat transfer to water. This feature quickly melts snow and ice and discharges water between 65-70 degrees, without producing steam plumes laden with carbon monoxide. The unit saves organizations money hauling the snow, and it is a viable alternative to throwing snow and ice over the side of the parking ramp, which can cause injury and damage landscapes.

Remote-monitoring system
The SCADA 3000 connects to a personal-computer host and offers a high level of monitoring, data logging, and alarm notification. It comes packaged with Windows®-compatible software to track 16 universal inputs and eight relay outputs. Expansion input and output modules make it possible to monitor up to 144 total points, so the system’s capabilities can grow with any given application. The system allows managers to access live status, alarm history and other advanced information from any computer within a specified computer network. The unit monitors environmental conditions and alerts managers of changes in temperature, power failures and surges, pressure, timers, alarms, excess humidity, water on the floor, and intrusion. The system sends managers notifications via phone, fax, text message, numeric page or e-mail. With its Ethernet capacity, operators can access alarm activity, reports and additional data more easily.

Electric Eel Manufacturing Co.
Drain cleaner
The Model CT features variable-speed motor control that gives the operator improved cable control and cleaning power of 75-350 revolutions per minute at constant torque. The units are designed to clean 3/4- to 21/2-inch diameter drain lines up to 50 feet long. The drain cleaner features a
1/5-horsepower, 90-volt, direct-current motor. The machine is available with a two-way, automatic cable feed that keeps hands off rotating cable as the feed advances and retrieves with the push of a lever. The cable guide hose helps eliminate cable whipping and helps keep work areas cleaner. A heavy-duty housing protects motor and internal wiring. The machine can use 1/4-, 5/16-, or 3/8-inch cable. The steel tubular frame allows for vertical or horizontal operation.

Rite-Hite Corp.
Industrial fan
The Revolution™ fan is a high-volume, low-speed unit that provides more consistent air circulation and ventilation with better energy efficiency than traditional high-speed ceiling or floor fans. The fan features four contoured aluminum blades and a design that moves air more consistently across the whole blade, creating an airflow of more than 360,000 cubic feet per minute. The fan is available in 8, 12-, 16-, 20-, and 24-foot diameters. The blade-hub connection is rotationally balanced and uses a vibration-absorbing material that reduces stress by 50-75 percent to maximize fan life. The unit uses steel universal mounting brackets for easier installation. The mounting system includes a beam clamp, motor housing, stabilization cables and a three-way motor-to-hub safety connection.

Coleman Cable Inc.
Surge protector
When devices, such as computers, are plugged into the Eco-Logical™ Smart Strip® and go into sleep mode, the protector automatically cuts power to monitors, printers and speakers. All electronics draw power even when they are in sleep mode or turned off. A printer can use up to 30 watts in sleep mode, which can add up to about $27 a year in energy costs. Other computer components can draw more than 50 watts while standing idle. The energy being consumed by all of these idle electronics can be significant. The surge protector is available in either seven- or 10-outlet models and comes with two or three outlets for use with equipment that should not be turned off, such as fax machines, cordless phones or cable and satellite receivers.


Product Focus: Mowers
Mowing on the Cutting Edge

John Deere
Stand-on mowers
A vertical-shaft, air-cooled engine is coupled with the 7-Iron II deck and Quik-Trak stand-on platform in the A-series units. The 647A combines a 19-horsepower (hp) engine and 48-inch deck, while a 23-hp engine powers the 657A and 667A with either 54- or 60-inch decks. The mower’s open engine compartment allows full access to engine components for easier maintenance and serviceability. A two-inch-thick pad absorbs shock, providing a more comfortable ride. Operators can change the height of the cut without leaving the operator platform.

Kubota Tractor Corp.
Riding mowers
The T-Series lawn tractor’s Infinity Deck allows operators to more quickly and easily change cutting modes between side discharge, mulching, and grass catching, all without tools or having to change blades. V-Twin gas engines in the 20-horsepower T2080 and 23-horsepower T2380, as well as the single-cylinder, 18-horsepower T1880, are matched to a clutchless hydrostatic transmission (HST). The HST provides easier and more precise operations with single-pedal control for speed and direction changes.

The Toro Co.
Rotary mowers
The Groundsmaster® 5900 and 5910 units are equipped with 99-horsepower diesel engines. The mowers feature an onboard liquid crystal display that shows gauges, alerts/faults, service reminders, and electrical-system diagnostics. It also indicates fuel level, coolant and intake temperature, low oil pressure, engine hours, hydraulic oil temperature, and voltage. The units feature three rear-discharge rotary cutting decks that cut in 16-feet widths. The mowers are equipped with an isolated, rubber-mounted operator platform and a four-way adjustable seat. The 5910 model offers a climate-controlled cab that includes air conditioning and heating, as well as 360 degrees of visibility.

The Grasshopper Co.
Zero-turn mower
The MidMount model 335 features an air-cooled, 35-horsepower, two-cylinder, horizontal-crankshaft engine and a hydrostatic drive for zero-turn maneuverability. The DuraMax® decks in 61- or 72-inch widths provide improved airflow for even dispersal of clippings and easy conversion from side-discharge to mulching or vacuum collection.

Lightweight mower
The SLF-1880 weighs 2,200 pounds and reduces turf compaction, allowing for healthier turf, promoting better growth, and providing solid performance in wet or dry conditions. The mower features a vertical lift-arm mechanism that allows the reels to follow uneven, sloped, or undulating terrain without scalping or sacrificing quality of cut. The unit is equipped with individual 18-inch wide reels that produce an 80-inch cut. The mower is available in gas and diesel, two- and four-wheel drive models. The FlashAttach® reel-mounting system allows simpler, quicker reel removal for maintenance. The mower also is filled with GreensCare biodegradable hydraulic fluids, an environmentally responsible alternative to competing synthetic and petroleum-based fluids.

Wright Manufacturing Inc.
Stand-on mower
The Stander® ZK has deck widths of 52 and 61 inches and engines up to 31 horsepower. The mower features a low center of gravity for hillside stability, shorter overall length for added maneuverability, and the operator can just step off the spring-suspended, stand-on platform in case of emergency or to pick up debris. The unit also is also equipped with Rapid Height Adjustment, which allows the operator to quickly raise or lower the cutting height without getting off the mower. The mower features deeper decks, larger wheels and improved fuel capacity compared to other Stander models.

Cub Cadet
Riding mowers
The M60 TANK is available in four engine choices ranging from 28-30 horsepower. The mower features a 60-inch floating/fabricated deck that has a 10-gauge-steel top reinforced at the spindle area. Dual 7-gallon fuel tanks provide longer running time and increased productivity. Four anti-scalp wheels and rollers in the front and back of the unit work in conjunction with the Select Cut System™ to give the turf a professional striping look.

Scag Power Equipment
Walk-behind mower
The Pro-V features a control system that delivers improved levels of productivity and operator comfort. Operator hand fatigue is virtually eliminated, as no squeezing is required to maneuver the mower. The mower is available with a 36-, 48-, or 52-inch cutting deck and a 16-23 horsepower engine. The unit features a floating deck, a more convenient hand-lever deck lift, and an easier-to-use cutting-height adjustment.

Zero-turn mowers
The Mega Series features tubular frames to accommodate fabricated decks up to 72 inches wide. The wider stance, combined with 13-inch tires in the front and 23-inch tires in the rear, create improved stability and a more comfortable ride. The series is comprised of three models — two with 25-horsepower (hp) engines and one with 27 hp. Cutting deck sizes range from 52-72 inches and fabricated decks are 10- and 11-gauge steel with 11-gauge spindle support. The steering levers tilt at a 7-degree angle to reduce wrist fatigue.

The Associated Locksmiths of America Inc. is working to enhance professionalism, education and ethics among locksmiths and those in related sectors of the physical security industry. More than 4,000 locksmiths nationwide have earned their professional certification from ALOA’s internationally recognized education and certification programs. These are just two benefits of ALOA membership. Have you considered how your organization could benefit by having a certified locksmith on your staff? Please call today or visit our Web site to learn more about how an ALOA membership can enhance your workforce.

Associated Locksmiths of America Inc.
3500 Easy St., Dallas, TX 75247
(800) 532-2562 • Fax: (214) 819-9736 • www.aloa.org

When you need reliable equipment and tools to get the job done, count on NES Rentals. We’re number one in aerial lifts, and we pride ourselves on always providing 100 percent dependable equipment. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right equipment for your job. And we’ll assure that everything you rent from us is safe and in peak operating condition. To the list of things you rely on every day, add NES.

NES Rentals


Columbia is a manufacturer of electric and gasoline industrial, commercial and utility vehicles, golf cars, and neighborhood electric vehicles distributed through an international dealer network. Their products transport up to 16 passengers, carry up to 5,200 pounds, tow up to 16,000 pounds, and travel up to 25 mph. Products are powered by 13-horsepower gas engines or advanced 24-, 36-, and 48-volt electric-drive systems.

Columbia ParCar Corp.


From cleaners to coatings, the full-color guide includes more than 30 Sprayon®, Krylon® Industrial and White Lighting® brand products, offering convenient single-source product selection. Krylon Products Group offers a comprehensive line of commercial products to meet the specific and dynamic application needs of the food processing and industrial maintenance end-user market. Under its Krylon® Industrial, Sprayon®, Tri-Flow®, White Lightning®, and Rubberset® brand names, the company manufactures and supplies premium paints, applicators, lubricants, electronic cleaners, degreasers, adhesives and caulks for use in numerous industries.

Krylon Products Group
(800) 777-2966 • Fax: (800) 243-3075


Eliminate hinge repairs forever. Select geared hinges reduce maintenance costs while outperforming traditional hinges in schools, offices, airports and public buildings. We guarantee it. Select’s continuous warranty covers any failure of our geared hinges with no expiration date. It’s the warranty that never ends for the hinge that never quits. Our geared hinges endured more than 25,000,000 cycles in independent testing — 10 times beyond Grade 1 cycle count. Select also offers stainless steel, pin-and-barrel, continuous hinges. The hinges are shipped within 48 hours.

Select Products Limited
(800) 423-1174 • Fax: (800) 423-7107

The new RIDGID® 234-page, color, full-line product catalog includes new products and reader-friendly features to help guide customers in choosing products. A visual product index divides the catalog into 13 product categories to enhance the overall navigation of the catalog. Useful product-selection charts help customers choose the products that best meet their needs. Helpful tool tips are located throughout the catalog to further educate customers on tool maintenance and product selection.



CRYL-A-STAIN is an easy-to-install flooring system that delivers affordable and lasting beauty with the added benefit of a 55-75 percent reduction in annual maintenance costs. Unlike other stains, dyes or flooring surfaces, CRYL-A-STAIN does not require waxing and stripping to protect it. The CRYL-A-STAIN system cures in one hour, reducing installation time by more than 50 percent. CRYL-A-STAIN floors help eliminate lost revenue due to closing your doors for floor installations and renovations. The one-hour cure time allows the system to be installed in more than 50 percent less time than it takes to install other traditional flooring systems. CRYL-A-STAIN meets or exceeds OSHA, USDA, FDA and NSF requirements.

Dur-A-Flex Inc.
(800) 253-3539

Sherwin-Williams now offers three GreenSure®-designated products: Duration Home® Interior Latex; Harmony® Interior Latex; and Builders Solution® Topcoat. The GreenSure designation is applied to Sherwin-Williams coatings that offer long-term durability, the highest indoor air quality ratings with low volatile organic compounds (VOC), low odor, and they meet or exceed criteria for coatings used in LEED-certified buildings. Going beyond most third-party certification, the GreenSure designation accounts for a variety of factors that impact the environment. Visit www.swgreenspecs.com for more information.

Sherwin-Williams Co.

Chicago Faucets recently introduced a brochure highlighting its extensive product offering of components and fixtures designed to assist in maximizing water conservation. Products featured include HyTronic™ sensor-operated faucets, manual faucets with adjustable metering cartridges, low-flow outlet devices, and pressure-activated foot pedals. The brochure also explains the LEED program and the green building rating system performance standard used to measure the efficiency and sustainability of buildings. Selecting low-consumption, energy-saving Chicago Faucet products as new or replacement fittings can help earn green building rating points toward a facility’s LEED certification.

Chicago Faucets
(800) 323-5060



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