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Sustainability: Managers’ Role in the Triple Bottom Line
Interview with Larry Morgan at NFMT 2010. Morgan talks about the triple bottom line, outlines a manager’s role, and discusses how to assess vendors’ sustainability

Risk Management: Decrease Costs, Improve Accountability
Interview with Dean Kashiwagi at NFMT 2010. Kashiwagi introduces the performance information procurement system (PIPS) and discusses how it saves time and money

Conducting a Building Audit for Maintenance
Interview with Ralph W. (Pete) Peters at NFMT 2010. Peters discusses implementing a building audit for maintenance, offers suggestions for best practices, and outlines steps for the audit

Sustainability in Schools: NYC Department of Education
Interview with John T. Shea at NFMT 2010. Shea talks about building a sustainability agenda, the role of operations staff in executing the agenda, and educating students on sustainability

How to Debunk the Biggest Maintenance Myths
Interview with Michael B. Cowley at NFMT 2010. Cowley identifies the biggest maintenance myths and actions managers can take to debunk those myths

Legionella: What Managers Need to Know
Interview with Matthew R. Freije at NFMT 2010. Freije outlines signs of Legionella, key water systems managers need to address, staffing issues, challenges of working with a third party, and Legionella education

The Role of BIM in Building Retrofits
Interview with Deke Smith at NFMT 2010. Smith discusses understanding BIM, adopting a BIM standard and BIM’s role in retrofits

What Comes After LEED Certification?
Interview with Rachel Hardesty at NFMT 2010. Hardesty discusses keeping LEED momentum and budgeting for upgrades.

Strengthening the Link Between FM and IT
Interview with Steve Smith at NFMT 2010. Smith discusses understanding IT needs, educating IT on FM issues and being familiar with IT technology demands.

Effective Service Procurement
Interview with Vince Elliott at NFMT 2010. Elliott discusses ensuring quality service, agreeing on goals and the foundation for green services.

Getting Good Carpet Specifications
Interview with Lewis Migliore at NFMT 2010. Migliore discusses the impact of poor specs, good carpet specifications and getting a good spec.

Reducing Maintenance Costs with Assessments and Training
Interview with Bill Goebel at NFMT 2010. Goebel discusses skills assessment, skills training and training ROI.

Maintenance Management ROI
Interview with Bruce Wesner at NFMT 2010. Wesner discusses maintenance planning, collective decisionmaking and how data helps identify problems.

Parking Structure Maintenance
Interview with Michael Violette at NFMT 2010. Violette discusses the causes of deterioration in parking structures, preventing deterioration and the impact of design on maintenance.

Inventory Management: Technology Solutions
Interview with Frank Murphy at NFMT 2010. Murphy discusses bar-code benefits, bar-code technology and steps to bar-code technology.

Maintenance Modeling: Strategy for Savings
Interview with Frank Kaleba at NFMT 2010. Kaleba discusses the role of maintenance modeling, maintenance cost drivers and predicting maintenance needs.

On-the-Job Education in FM
Interview with Marc Fischer at NFMT 2010. Fischer discusses creating a culture of learning in FM, educating the generations and advanced FM degrees.

Growing with Your Organization: Strategic Planning
Interview with Joshua Millman at NFMT 2010. Millman discusses anticipating growth in your organization, strategic facility planning and saving vs. spending.

Keeping Up with ADA Compliance
Interview with Joan W. Stein at NFMT 2010. Stein discusses ensuring ADA compliance, building codes and ADA and commonly overlooked mistakes.

How To Be an FM Leader
Kit Tuveson discusses the skills and talents required to be a successful leader.

MRO - Inventory Management: Right Parts, Right Time, Right Quantity
Andy Gager discusses self-assessment, benchmarking and the role of MRO inventory management.

The One-Minute Pitch to the CEO
Stormy Friday explains why it’s critical for FMs to be able to make a quick pitch to the CEO.

How to Ensure Quality HVAC Preventative Maintenance
Kenneth Meyer, Judy Davis, Jeff Deem, and Tom Moriarty discuss how to ensure quality HVAC preventive maintenance.


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