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General's Teletube®
Urinal Auger
Gets Through Urinals
Where Other Snakes Can't

General Pipe Cleaners Teletube® Urinal Auger gets through urinals where other snakes can't. The specially designed spring has the toughness and flexibility to negotiate tight urinal bends. The Telescoping Urinal Auger features a 48-inch spring for clearing stoppages just beyond the urinal. No need to pull the urinal off the wall, because the Teletube has an extra 2 feet telescoped inside the guide tube until you need it.

General Pipe Cleaners,
A Division of General Spring Wire Co.

1101 Thompson Ave.
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
(800) 245-6200
The Bulb Eater®3
with Intelli Technology

The Bulb Eater® 3 with Intelli Technology® is the next generation in lamp crushing. The system crushes straight, u-tube, and CFL lamps in a single machine. The system is the most efficient way to recycle large quantities of fluorescent lamps, saving up to 50% on recycling costs, reducing labor related costs, and required storage space! Intelli Technology® onboard controls and a 5-stage filtering system assist with machine diagnostics, operations, and personnel safety.

Air Cycle Corp.
(800) 909-9709
New Instructional Video
for Ace & Ace 2
Pipeline Inspection Camera Systems

Now available on the Electric Eel Mfg. website is a new Instructional Video for the Ace & Ace 2 pipeline inspection camera systems. The video demonstrates the basic operation with simple, easy-to-follow instructions suitable for contractors and homeowners alike. Watch streaming video at Electric Eel's website: http://www.electriceel.com/ecam_ace-ace2_instructionalvideo.htm. Electric Eel Mfg., based in Springfield, Ohio since 1939, produces a full range of drain and sewer cleaning machines including sectional units, drum machines, and a full line of pipeline inspection systems.

Electric Eel Mfg. Co. Inc.
501 W. Leffel Lane
Springfield, OH 45501
(800) 833-1212
www.electriceel.com /web
Chicago Faucets Commander
Handheld Programming Unit

Chicago Faucets puts programming, maintaining, and monitoring our electronics in the palm of your hand with the Commander Handheld Programming Unit. Ruggedized housing, infrared communications, and touch screen technology provide durable, hassle-free operation. Commander allows you to change settings, check battery level, and perform diagnostics. It also allows you to easily scan for faucets requiring attention. Available for use with HyTronic or E-Tronic 40 faucets, it's a time-saving addition for facilities with multiple electronic faucet installations.

The Chicago Faucet Co.
2100 S. Clearwater Drive
Des Plaines, IL 60018
(847) 803-5000
Fastenal —
We Are Where You Are

Because we're local, we can stock your products minutes away, supply them in ways that save time and money, and deliver today's needs today. We talk face to face. We know your business, and we know you. Heck, our kids are on the same sports teams, and we cheer just as loudly when they win.

(877) 507-7555
Workman® HDX
Auto Utility Vehicle

Toro's new Workman® HDX Auto is the industry's first heavy-duty utility vehicle with an automatic transmission. This model eliminates the need for additional training for operators, who are unable drive manual transmission vehicles. It also helps minimize turf damage that can occur when stopping and starting a fully loaded vehicle on a side hill, since there's no clutch pedal to engage.

The Toro Co.
8111 Lyndale Ave. S.
Bloomington, MN 55420
(800) 803-8676
Watco Universal NuFit Bathtub Drain Cover
Say goodbye to ugly bathtub drains! The Universal NuFit bathtub drain cover from Watco Manufacturing makes old drains look new in minutes. The Universal NuFit fits over all bathtub drains (without requiring removal of strainer body), resists corrosion, is available in nine designer finishes, features a high flow grid strainer to prevent hair clogs and is a breeze to install.

Watco Manufacturing
(800) 621-6032
Fax: (800) 765-4115
RIDGID® SeekTech SR-24 Line Locator
The RIDGID® SeekTech SR-24 Line Locator streamlines the creation of accurate maps of underground utilities in order to protect critical assets. Using integrated Bluetooth® communications, it transmits locating data to a third-party survey grade GPS or a mobile device. Data logging capabilities allow recording GPS and locating data to an onboard micro SD card. In addition to OmniSeek®' passive locating capabilities, the SR-24 can be programmed to detect any active frequency from 10 Hz-35 kHz.

Bradley Advocate®
AV-Series Lavatory System

The Bradley Advocate® AV-Series Lavatory System enables users to complete the entire hand-washing process — soap, rinse and dry — without touching a fixture. The Advocate's touchless sink, faucet and hand dryer incorporate industry-leading sustainability features that conserve water, reduce energy use and eliminate paper towel waste for a cleaner and more efficient lavatory environment. The Advocate is ADA compliant for use in all commercial facilities. For more information, please visit www.bradleycorp.com/advocate.

Bradley Corp.
(800) 272-3539
Fax: (262) 251-5817

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