Video: Looking Back at 2015 — The FMD Achievement Awards

Video: Looking Back at 2015 — The FMD Achievement Awards

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor  

Before we start building momentum for our 2016 awards, let’s look back at the 2015 Facility Maintenance Decisions Achievement Awards.

The year 2015 was a breakthrough year with quality entries as well as participation from our winners. For the second straight year we invited FMDAA recipients to attend our NFMT fall conference to speak at a session highlighting their accomplishments and discuss important issues affecting maintenance and engineering departments across the country.

Representatives from seven of our eight recipients attended NFMT Orlando. In addition to participating in a well-attended session, we took some time to speak with our recipients on the issues they are currently facing in their institutional and commercial facilities.

We put together a video from our conversations with the recipients about the biggest challenges they are facing in their departments.

 As we look ahead to the 2016 awards, we encourage maintenance and engineering managers to take part in the awards program. Your hard-working department deserves some attention and praise from peers. Visit www.facilitiesnet.com/fmd/fmdaa to view our Achievement Award page and the rules to enter.


 The categories are:


  • Retrofits and Renovations
  • Sustainability

  • Financial Management

  • Personnel Management


Entry deadline is May 26, so you have a while to compile a winning entry. But don’t wait too long and forget!


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