Drain-Inspection Recordings Provide Managers with Training Tools

By Thomas A. Westerkamp  
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Managers also can use the recording capabilities of drain-inspection equipment to provide training that can improve the skills of technicians.

Using the DVDs or VHS tapes along with the video training films and manufacturer instruction manuals, a trainer can present technicians with different problem scenarios. The trainer can match different problems recorded by an inspection camera or on training films with the proper tools and safe methods.

For example, the problem might help technicians learn how to carefully check drains for chemicals and how to handle the equipment and avoid burns.

Footage of conditions before and after cleaning can illustrate the appearance of a properly cleaned drain, and it can instruct technicians on cleaning the area, as well as washing, oiling and stowing the equipment as a necessary part of the job. A little time spent on proper tool care and cleaning at the end of each job — especially concerning cables and internal parts that come into contact with water and sewage — can extend the useful life of drain-cleaning equipment significantly, lower costs, and save time on the next job.


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