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LED Lighting Rebates Available For 74 Percent of the U.S.

By Dan Weltin Lighting
lighting rebates

Even though LED technology for lighting fixtures is becoming commonplace, lucrative rebates are still available. The economic turmoil caused by the coronavirus pandemic is likely responsible for prolonging rebate availability, as rebates tend to spur participation, according to BriteSwitch. 

Nearly three quarters of the United States is offering a commercial lighting rebate. Surprising, the average rebate amount for LED products did not decrease from the previous year. This hasn't happened in years, making now the perfect time for facility managers to upgrade their fixtures to LED technology. 

When switching to LED technology, it's best to convert all fixtures at the same time, even if the lamps are far from burning out, according to Lindsay Audin, president of Energywiz. Waiting for a fluorescent lamp to burn out will be more expensive than replacing the fixture, especially when rebates are available, writes Audin in the ebook "LED Relamping: An Inexpensive Way To Cut Energy Bills."

One for one revamping is the cheapest way to switch to LED and take advantage of current rebates. Rebates for LED Tubes remain at an average of $4 for a 4-foot tube, according to BriteSwitch. Tubular LED lamps may yield upwards of 65 percent energy savings when installed in existing fixtures, says Audin. 

Although one-for-one revamping is an expensive option, it may be better to envision how your facility's lighting should look in the future. It may be more cost-effective to retrofit fixtures or replace them, especially since the average rebate amounts for both fixtures and retrofit kits remained flat from 2020. 

fnPrime members can learn about the advantages of investing in LED retrofits and new luminaires in the ebook "When Switching to LEDs, Plan Long-term."

Dan Weltin is editor-in-chief of the Facilities Group.


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