Three LED Street Lamps Affixed to an Iron Post Against a Deep Blue Sky

City Upgrades to LED Street Lights At No Cost

  May 24, 2019

By Ryan Berlin

Maintenance and engineering managers are constantly looking for ways to lower costs and increase energy efficiency. One way managers can achieve both goals is by replacing older light bulbs with LEDs.

The city of Montgomery, Ala., has begun an upgrade to its streetlights, thanks to a project with Alabama Power Company.

According to the city, 22,462 streetlights will be upgraded to energy-efficient LED systems. The project with Alabama Power Company began February 2018 when the company agreed to transition the lights from mercury-based to LED at no cost to the city, according to WSFA 12 News.

“Today, we are making good on our promise to build a brighter future in the Capital of Dreams,” Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said. “While saving taxpayer dollars and reducing energy consumption, this project will ensure Montgomery stays on the cutting edge of technology and infrastructure. Not only does it complement the overhaul on Court Street and those coming soon on Fairview and Zelda, but it is essential to leveraging technology to drive economic growth and development in the River Region.”

The project should be completed in approximately nine months.

City officials anticipate a savings of $600,000 over the next five years.

Ryan Berlin is digital content manager of Facilitiesnet.com.


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